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What to Put Under an Inflatable Hot Tub

under base of inflatable hot tub

A hot tub can be a great addition to your outdoor living space. Whether you’ve bought one for yourself to unwind in at the end of a busy work week, or for a relaxing romantic evening with your significant other, those warm bubbles bring many benefits – Ah, the bliss!

As cool as an inflatable hot tub looks in your garden, it could be a little daunting to set it up perfectly. The biggest question most first-timers have is what they should put under an inflatable hot tub for comfort and to minimize risk of a puncture.

This is in fact a very important question because the right material can make a host of differences in determining the enjoyment and longevity of your hot tub.

Although some people choose to simply place an inflatable hot tub as it is without anything between it and the ground, it is not a very comfortable choice.

Here are a few things that you can consider before choosing the right material to put under your inflatable hot tub.

1. The Good Old Ground Cloth Works Well

A ground cloth is easy to find and easier to install. This makes it a very acceptable option to put under the inflatable hot tub if you’re placing the tub on an already soft surface like grass or sand. It’s the most basic of options, and also the most affordable.

Some hot tubs will come with a groundsheet to get you started right out the box. It will offer an extra layer of protection against wear and tear, and just might be all you require. Although, don’t expect it to offer much comfort if your hot tub is on concrete or wood decking, as they don’t have much – if at all – padding.

2. Foam Tiles Offer Great Comfort

hot tub foam tile base

You’ve probably seen those square foam floor tiles around. People use them for all sorts of things – gym flooring, yoga matts, for children’s playrooms. They’re soft, yet very strong, so can handle the weight of a filled inflatable hot tub and offer great comfort and protection as a base.

The great thing about these is that they can be cut to shape. Simply layout a large square and set up your hot tub on top, then cut away all the protruding tile for a tidy finish. Of course, be very careful cutting around the hot tub itself.

Foam tiles offer perfect padding to your inflatable hot tub. In addition, they are extremely easy to install and work with. Foam tiles also come in a number of shapes and sizes and colours which can add that extra visual appeal.

3. Plastic Resin Base Pads for the Win

If you have a higher budget in mind, then you may place plastic resin base pads underneath your hot tub. The best part about these is that you can use them both indoors and outdoors. These pads interlock providing perfect cushioning to your hot tub.

The constituent elements of a resin base pad include polyethylene resin, which is very robust and durable. An added advantage of this option is its ease of usage. It is easy to dismantle, easy to clean and easy to reconfigure.

The price tag is totally worth it!

4. Go Green with Grass

fake grass under hot tub

An outdoor space with grass not just looks beautiful but also makes the entire place come alive. Fortunately, grass is a great material to use underneath your hot tub.

The grass is a naturally robust cushioning material and makes for a perfect base for your hot tub. If you want, you can still place a cloth between the grass and hot tub to ensure the latter remains clean for a longer period of time. This works with both real and artificial grass.

Always use a ground cloth first, and you may find over time that the compressed grass and soil becomes firm under press if you have a more permanent – semi-permanent set-up.

5. Concrete Pad Can Get the Job Done

A concrete pad works well in both outdoor and indoor settings. Make sure to choose the right pad which is at least the same size as that of your blow-up hot tub and is thick enough to support its weight.

Crushed Gravel Is an Aesthetically Pleasing Option

If you are invested in elevating the overall appeal of your outdoor space, you can go for crushed gravel or sand as the base for your inflatable hot tub.

All you need to take care of is to have the gravel or sand foundation be at least 4 inches thick and inside of a frame to keep it stable.

Make way for proper drainage once you have the hot tub installed on the foundation and you are good to go!

Choosing the Right Base for Your Hot Tub

Now that you know of the several options available at your disposal to place underneath your inflatable hot tub, there are other logistical things that you should pay attention to.

First, make sure you know what you want your space to look like. This will help you align your choice of material with the aesthetics you have in mind.

Second, set a budget so that you don’t end up wasting time seeing options that you wouldn’t be purchasing.

Third, make sure that the area you place your inflatable spa in is flat. A slanting slope is a risky option to consider and may result in unwanted accidents. It runs the risk of overturning and injury. Why would you want that?

Fourth, don’t overinflate your hot tub because that is a recipe for disaster. Overinflation can cause the inflatable hot tub to weaken or even rip apart. Make sure you follow the user manual accompanying the hot tub while setting it up.

Fifth and most importantly, make sure your hot tub is perfectly insulated. If you don’t pay attention to this, you will find your tub losing heat quickly which in essence means more energy consumption and bigger bills.

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