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Tower T14001 Health Halogen Oven Review

Tower T14001 halogen oven fryer review

Tower has created a halogen oven cooker that offers premium performance at an affordable price and is a clear leader in the halogen oven market. We’ve put countless hours into researching and reviewing halogen ovens on the UK market but were unable to find anything out there better than this.

It’s reliable, affordable, offers outstanding performance, and comes with a host of free accessories.

Tower Halogen Oven Key Features

  • Powerful, long last halogen bulb
  • Includes a handy recipe book of delicious meals for halogen and air fry cooking
  • 12 to 17 liter glass bowl – excellent capacity, and easily transported
  • 1300 watts for quick cooking times
  • Easy, timer and temperature setting, with one-push operation
  • Preset temperature controls take the guesswork out of cooking many dishes
  • Cooks without fats or oils for leaner, healthier meals
  • Includes many accessories – get started without making additional purchases
tower halogen airwave air fryer

Tower 12 LTR Premium Halogen Oven/Airfryer Review

Delicious, Healthy Meals

roast potatos cooked in halogen oven

This Tower 12 LTR Halogen Oven Cooker cooks without the use of additional fats or oils – yet despite this, meals come out exactly how you like them – flavourful, with just the right amount of tenderness and moisture, since the glass dish traps heat and liquids, allowing food to cook evenly. Nutrients aren’t lost and aroma and taste are retained.

This oven allows you to roast, grill, steam, fry or bake food in half the time compared with conventional oven cooking.

Tower Halogen Oven Accessories

tower T14001 accessories

When you open the box and see what’s inside you immediately come to realise that Tower has put a lot of thought and effort into providing customers “All-in-one” halogen oven package. Everything you could possibly need is included in the package just look at all these free extras:

  • High rack for grilling
  • Low rack for general cooking and oil draining
  • Tongs for easy lifting out of hot tray
  • Extender ring increases oven capacity to 17Ltr for larger food quantities
  • Easy halogen oven bulb replacement, should you ever need to
  • Lid holder stand
  • Two meshed cooking trays
  • Skewers
  • Refillable oil sprayer bottle
  • Halogen oven recipes cookbook

…the only thing Tower has left out of this package is large free-range chicken.

It’s A Super Simple Halogen Oven to Use


The preset temperature settings – which include heating and defrosting – make it easy to prepare and cook many types of foods. And operating couldn’t be simpler – to start the cooking process, simply set the desired temperature and timer, and push down the lid handle.

The oven will automatically switch off when the timer stops and will alert you with a ping when your food is ready. Alternatively, to stop the cooking, lift the handle.

Because the food is cooked inside a clear glass bowl you can see the progress of your food cooking.

It’s really handy being able to see exactly when your food is browned to your prefered taste – without having to open and close an oven door. Baking cakes with kids is fun too as they’re able to see inside the glass bowl as the cake mixture is cooked and rises.

For easy cleaning and storage, the included plastic base, which isolates the hot glass dish from any surfaces, is removable.

Cooking is Fast!

The Tower 12 LTR Oven uses “Light-wave Technology” and a high-performance fan to circulate heat inside the oven, which cooks food evenly and quickly.

How quickly?

Try between three and five times faster than a regular over. Now that’s fast! It combines fast cooking with the flavour of a slow-cooked meal. Despite the quick cooking times, it consumes only a small amount of electricity.

It’s Economical

That’s right, even though this top halogen oven will cook way faster than your conventional oven, it has a surprisingly low power consumption. And because it uses less power than your large standard electric oven – and cooks faster – it doesn’t need to be switched on for as long, all resulting in a lower electricity bill.

It’s Versatile

This halogen oven doesn’t just cook – it also heats and thaws food, cleans itself and includes numerous extras to help you delve right in, including tongs, a low and high food grill, a steamer tray, baking tray, lid holder, skewer forks and oven height extender ring. It provides you with multiple cooking options all rolled into one little appliance!

It’s a Reliable Halogen Oven

tower halogen oven lid stand

This model is covered free with a solid guarantee and strong British based customer support. It has a high-quality build and feels to a product that’s currently under £50.

It’s very reassuring to know that the Tower brand is an easy to contact UK based business, just in case you ever have any questions about the product or need spare parts.

Remember how I mentioned that the glass oven bowl is removable? Well, accidents do happen sometimes and if you ever happen to drop and smash the bowl you’ll sleep easy knowing that it’s cheap and fast to have new ones sent straight to your home.

The same thing with the long-lasting bulbs, they can be picked up cheaply from or directly from the manufacturer – Tower Housewares.

Customer Feedback and Reviews On Tower Cooking Appliances

tower halogen airfryer boxed

Customers report excellent results with this Tower cooker – home-style dry-cooked chips that are fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside; better results than other brands of halogen ovens; full meals in under an hour; easy, self-cleaning; and excellent service in the rare instance that something goes wrong.

If I could make any criticism of this oven, it’s that it excels at cooking meats, fish and starchy foods – but is occasionally a bit lacklustre when cooking vegetables. Other people don’t have any complaints about vegetable cooking, maybe I get prefer to boil in a pot.

If veggies are a staple in your diet, you may wish to consider an alternate means of preparing them, give it a try first anyway – but on the whole, the Tower Halogen Oven Airwave performs admirably, turning most foods into nourishing and tasty meals in no time flat.

You could certainly spend more on a halogen oven – prices can approach £100 – but why would you, when you can get such good performance for less?

I really appreciated the addition of the cookbook – gave me some nice ideas. If you’re the type whose stomach enjoys a well prepared and cooked meal – but whose mind stumbles when confronted with a fridge full of raw ingredients, the expert author’s suggestions will have you cooking up a storm in no time.

I’ve personally used the Tower halogen oven in my kitchen for years, so I’m writing from experience. I, like hundreds of other customers, have enjoyed countless delicious meals from this little appliance, even Christmas dinner, and it has never let me down.