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Lady Shaver vs Epilator: Which Is The Better Choice?

Lady Shaver vs Epilator feature

When it comes to hair removal, you would prefer to get it out of the way for as long as possible, would you not?

If the hair keeps growing back and you must attend to it every few days, that can be inconvenient too.

But there is also the question of pain. Hair removal techniques are not always painless.

If you want the hair gone for a long time, you also need to endure the pain.

The following is a comparison of lady shavers and epilators to see which is a better product:

How Does an Electric Lady Shaver Work?

braun lady shaver

A lady shaver uses sharp razors that come in contact with the hair and cut it at the surface. There is no pulling involved. It is a simple slicing of the hair from the surface and not the follicle or root.

You can use an electric lady shaver or a disposable cartridge razor to shave the hair off. There are also options between double-edge blade and single-edge blade razors, both of which provide a different closeness of shave.

The Cost of Shaving

Shaving should not cost you a lot if you use disposable razors. The razor should last you for a few weeks or months, if it is a good quality one. You can always replace the cartridges which are available in bulk and are not hard to change.

An electric lady shaver is a more long-term investment and may cost a lot more than a disposable razor. You may not get as close a shave with an electric razor. It is ideally suited for male facial hair.

Fast and Simple to Use

Woman’s electric shavers are quite easy to use. If the disposable razor is brand new, it may be a touch too sharp and cause cuts. You will need to be extremely careful about this, especially when shaving around sensitive areas, like the bikini line.

Other than that, shavers are quite easy to use once you get the hang of the movement and whether you need to shave with or against the grain, based on your hair type.

Discomfort Rating

What draws most people to shaving over waxing or epilating is the fact that shaving is painless. Since the hair is not being pulled out of the root and is just being sliced at the surface, there is no pain.

After all, the hair above the surface of your skin has dead cells and will cause no pain when it is cut.

How Does an Epilator Work?

Braun Silk ePil-5 epilator

An epilator works using multiple rotating mechanical tweezers in the head which capture hairs, grip them tightly, and pull them out of the very root.

Since the hair is being pulled from within and is not being cut superficially, the hair grows back much later as compared to lady shavers. When you epilate frequently enough, some customers say their hair grows back thinner and is easier to remove, much like the results found from waxing.

The jury is still out on this but the more frequently you epilate, the easier it gets.

The Cost of Mechanical Epilation

Epilators are certainly more expensive than disposable razors, and in some cases, more than lady shavers, but it is a long-term investment that will eventually turn out to be cost-effective.

Unlike disposable razors, you do not need to keep replacing epilator parts every few months. If you invest in the best epilator you can afford – such as the Braun Silk-Epil 9 or Philips Satinelle – the device will last years with little more than cleaning required for maintenance and no need for regular replacement of worn parts, such as with razors.

Ease of Use

Epilators are easy to use once you get the hang of it and get used to the product. It is far more hassle-free as compared to waxing as you do not require any other equipment. Just one epilator is enough to safely remove the hair. It may even be easier to use than a shaver as you do not require any gel, cream or soap. You can use the epilator dry if you choose to.


Epilators are more painful to use than ladies electric shavers, but it is only a matter of getting used to them. Once you bear through the pain initially, the discomfort gradually reduces. Your skin will thank you for using the epilator every few weeks instead of a razor every five days. Once you are used to the tweezing, you will hardly notice the pain.

Final Verdict

While there are several merits to using a lady shaver, as a long-term practice, you may be better off using an epilator instead, if you’re looking for longer-lasting results and a smoother finish.

Epilators also offer other accessories like foil shavers, trimmers and exfoliating brushes, so you do get the best of both worlds with an epilator.