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Oral-B Genius X Rose Gold Review

oral-b genius x rose gold

We’re excited to review the new Oral-B Genius X Rose Gold – a stunning electric toothbrush that uses artificial intelligence and motion sensors to create the most optimal brushing routine of any power toothbrush.

This state of the art, award-winning electric toothbrush, is packed with amazing features and beautifully designed with Rose Gold trim.

Oral-B Genius X Rose Gold Features:

  • Features Position Detection Technology that “sees” where you’re brushing, for incredible cleaning results
  • Bluetooth technology connects toothbrush to Oral-B app for realtime feedback
  • Round brush head is inspired by professional dental tools; helps remove up to one hundred percent more plaque
  • Pressure sensor, timer and other statistics displayed on customizable, 360-degree SmartRing
  • Automatic speed reduction protects sensitive gum tissue
  • Six cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Pro-Clean and Tongue Cleaner— perfect for every need
  • Top-quality battery powers brush for up to 12 days
  • Smart Travel Case charges toothbrush and smartphone
  • Designed and manufactured by the top dentist-recommended brand
  • Winner of Woman & Home beauty Awards, and our Best Electric Toothbrush Pick 2022
  • Designed and manufactured by a brand recommended by dentists
Braun genius-x-rose gold toothbrush set

Oral-B Genius X High-Tech Cleaning with Position Detection Technology

Under the hood of the Genius X Rose Gold is Oral-B’s Position Detection Technology (PDT). PDT combines motion-sensing technology and video recognition with your smartphone’s camera and the Oral-B app to track which areas of your mouth are being brushed and provide feedback and encouragement—as well as comprehensive data, including duration and pressure applied to each brushing zone. No other electric toothbrush provides such valuable insight into your brushing habits.

Wireless Integration with Oral-B’s Free Oral Health App

According to a study undertaken by Proctor and Gamble, a whopping eighty per cent of people spend insufficient time brushing at least one zone of their mouth. That’s not surprising—we typically brush our teeth in the morning and evening—times during which we plan for the day ahead, and review the day’s events, which can easily distract from a task as mundane as brushing one’s teeth.

As mentioned above, the Genius X Rose Gold integrates with Oral-B’s free iOS and Android app, tracking brush position and pressure for each quadrant of your mouth.

To encourage progress, the Oral-B app provides brushing scores that compel you to brush thoroughly until the habit becomes entrenched. An onscreen timer tells you how much brushing time remains for each area of your mouth, while integration with the onboard pressure sensor notifies you when excess pressure is being applied.

Best of all, your dental professional can utilize the app, programming a routine—including brushing modes and duration—that best suits your needs.

Round Oral-B Brush Head for Professional-Quality Results

Oral-B brush heads, with their distinctive, round shape, are immediately recognizable – and a big departure from the rectangular heads found on traditional toothbrushes. The next time you visit the dentist, take a quick look around.

You’ll probably notice that most of the instruments have small, round heads – perfectly shaped and sized to work on one tooth at a time. Oral-B took a design cue from those professional tools, understanding that teeth are best cleaned individually and that a round brush head is most ideal for that task.

CrossAction Bristles Sweep Away Plaque from Deep Between Teeth

Plaque is your teeth’s worst enemy. Left unchecked, it can cause discolouration, decay and gum disease. It also has the unfortunate tendency to hide deep between teeth and along the gum line, insidiously eroding the enamel, and damaging your oral health.

Fortunately, the Genius X Rose Gold -like most Oral-B toothbrushes – includes a CrossAction brush head. With clusters of bristles set at opposing 16-degree angles, the CrossAction brush head – driven by the Genius X dynamic motor – oscillates, rotates and pulsates thousands of times a minute, simultaneously breaking apart and sweeping away plaque.

Most users find the CrossAction sufficient, but if you don’t, the Genius X is compatible with a wide range of other Oral-B brush heads, such as the included 3D White (featuring a rubber polishing cup to scrub away surface stains).

Pressure Sensor Helps Prevent Harmful Overbrushing

genius x rose gold pressure sensor

There’s no shame in overbrushing – lots of people do it. It’s easy to apply more pressure than necessary whilst brushing one’s teeth. You can tell if you’re a chronic overbrushing by noting how quickly the bristles on your toothbrush become split, splayed and worn. If that happens in a matter of days or weeks, you’re likely applying excess force.

Though done in the pursuit of clean teeth, overbrushing prematurely wears out toothbrush bristles and can damage tooth enamel and gum tissue.

The solution? Oral-B’s visible pressure sensor, located on the 360-degree SmartRing – a multicoloured band that circles the rounded shoulder of the Genius X Rose Gold electric toothbrush handle.

The SmartRing provides visual feedback about brushing pressure, brushing time and Bluetooth connection. You can even customize the ring, programming it to illuminate in any of twelve selectable colours. When excess pressure is applied, the SmartRing illuminates, and the toothbrush motor’s pulsations decrease in speed, then stop.

This unique combination of visual and tactile feedback help even the most chronic overbrushing adjust their technique.


It only takes two minutes to brush your teeth correctly -yet the majority of people brush for only a little over one minute, while grossly overestimating their time spent brushing. Little wonder, though – who can keep their eyes on a clock and concentrate on brushing correctly?

That’s why Oral-B built a 2-minute timer into the Genius X Rose Gold. Begin brushing, and the timer (visible on both the SmartRing, and your smartphone if using the Oral-B app) alerts you to move onto the next quadrant of your mouth every thirty seconds. The result is a dentist-recommended brushing time of two evenly spread out minutes, ensuring that every part of your mouth gets thoroughly cleaned.

Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery for Over one Week of Brushing

oral-b genius handle

The Oral-B Genius X Rose Gold electric toothbrush features Braun’s best and largest rechargeable battery. Lithium-ion batteries weigh less, and provide more power in a smaller package, than their nickel-metal hydride counterpart, making them an ideal choice for high-end dental appliances.

Providing up to 12 days—over one and a half weeks’ worth—of brushings on a single charge, the Genius X will always be ready when you are.

In keeping with a high-tech design ethos, the unique Smart Travel Case not only protects the toothbrush (which can be stored both horizontally and vertically), but allows you to charge your smartphone and toothbrush simultaneously—a clever idea that we appreciated, as our smartphones are never far from reach.

Oral-B Genius X Rose Gold Pros and Cons

oral-b genius bluetooth app

Intelligent design. From the Bluetooth connectivity and free Oral-B app (which offers a plethora of useful information), to Position Detection technology, multiple cleaning modes and the Smart Travel Case, the Genius X is truly a toothbrush for the modern age.

Far from being gimmicky, the technology packed into this toothbrush enhances its functionality while improving your brushing habits.

Built-in pressure sensor and timer. Preventing overbrushing, and ensuring every part of one’s mouth is evenly cleaned, is genius, no pun intended. And in the absence of a smartphone, the pressure sensor and timer still function, instilling good brushing habits no matter what.

Excellent battery life. The oral b genius x rose gold electric toothbrush lithium-ion battery provides nearly two weeks of daily use on a single charge, giving it a significant advantage over many other electric toothbrushes. It’s also an ideal companion for travel or other occasions on which you may not be able to charge the toothbrush after every use.

The Cons…

Above-average price. At over £100, the Oral-B Genius X is not a budget toothbrush. However, you’re paying for advanced technology, great build quality, and a product researched and developed by a world leader in oral health appliances.

May need a UK 3-pin adapter. Though many bathrooms now feature 2-pin wall outlets, not all do, and for those, the purchase of a separate 3-pin adapter is necessary. It’s a minor quibble, however – many electric toothbrushes ship with only a 2-pin plug.