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Best Kettle and Toaster Sets of 2022

top kettle & toaster sets

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it would only make sense that a kettle and toaster are the most important items on your kitchen counter. Keep your kitchen looking sleek and elegant, instead of cluttered, with a perfectly paired kettle and toaster set in a colour that smoothly integrates into your kitchen’s style and design.

Below are our picks for the best kettle and toaster sets your money can buy. They’re stylish and practical and the available features make morning routines an absolute breeze. Our handy buying guide will help you decide which functions matter most for your lifestyle, so you can purchase the perfect kettle and toaster set for your kitchen.

1. Best Black Kettle and Toaster Set: Breville Impressions

This sleek black glossy kettle and toaster set from Breville is a perfect pair for your breakfast routine. Both appliances feature a ridged texture design and polished accents. The set comes in 5 classic colour options to match your kitchen seamlessly. The black, white, red, and cream colourways feature shiny chrome accents while the second black option comes with fashionable rose gold accents.

The electric kettle has a 1.7L capacity, which is standard for electric kettles and makes 6-8 cups at a time. The 360-rotating base has cord storage for a tidy appearance, the rear water window, which illuminates when it’s boiling, and the removable limescale filter makes this convenient kettle easy to use and easy to clean.

The matching toaster is available in a 2- or 4-slice option. Both size options come equipped with variable bread slots and browning control, allowing you to toast your favourite thin or thick breakfast bread to your desired doneness with ease. Use the helpful lift & look feature to check on the toasting process without interrupting the cycle.

A removable crumb tray and cancel-cycle option make the Breville Impressions Toaster just as easy to use and clean as its coordinating kettle.

2. Best Grey Kettle & Toaster Set: Breville Flow

Breville Flow grey Kettle Toaster Set

Breville is a top-rated brand in kettle and toaster sets and so of course it makes sense that they would make our list twice. The Breville Flow Grey Kettle & Toaster Set, much like the above Impressions Set, has a unique, wavy-ribbed design and is available in 4 muted and neutral colours to perfectly coordinate with any kitchen’s colour scheme. Choose from black, cream, or grey, which are accented with polished chrome, or a white colour option with stylish gold accents.

The Breville Flow Kettle features a 1.7L capacity and a 3 KW concealed heating element for quick boil time. Filling the kettle for one cup, or as many as eight cups is easy thanks to the rear water window and cleaning is a breeze with the removable limescale filter. When your kettle illuminates white, you know it’s time to enjoy a cup with your breakfast.

The coordinating 4-slice Breville Flow toaster toasts your breakfast to the perfect shade thanks to the variable browning control and lift and look feature so you can keep an eye on the browning progress. Illuminated controls make for easy operation and the convenient high lift feature allows you to remove your bread without burning your fingers.

3. Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle and Toaster combo

Russell Hobbs Kettle plus Toaster combo

Another uniquely textured set, this Russell Hobbs Inspire duo has a plastic high-gloss exterior that stays cool to the touch and features horizontal ridges and chrome accents. Available in black, cream, grey, red, and white, you’re sure to find a colour choice that suits you and your home.

The electric kettle has a 3 KW heating element that can boil one cup in under a minute, perfect for busy mornings. Filling the kettle with just one cup is a cinch thanks to the water level window and the soft blue light will let you know when your first cup is ready. The cord storage and removable anti-scale filter make this practical kettle a great addition to your kitchen.

Rounding out this set, the Inspire toaster has a 6-setting variable browning dial for the perfectly toasted bread each time. It is available in a 2- or 4-slice capacity and a lift and looks feature so you can check on your breakfast and make sure it’s perfectly toasted to your liking.

4. Best Green Kettle and Toaster: SQ Professional Epoque Breakfast Set


A perfectly coordinated pair with a unique crackle finish, the Epoque Breakfast Set comes in 3 stylish colour options. The black, mint green and pink colourways all come with rose gold accents and feature the latest technology in a vintage-look set. The colour and style of this duo are sure to add a fun colour pop to your kitchen.

With a 1.8L capacity, the SQ Professional Epoque Kettle is the largest capacity on our list. Brewing 7-9 cups maximum, it can serve a couple or a crowd. The 2200W heating element boils fast and the convenient temperature gauge allows you to control the exact temperature of your water, saving you time and energy costs.

The coordinating toaster features simple yet functional options for defrosting, reheating, or cancelling the toasting cycle. Choose your desired toast doneness with the handy 6-setting dial and cleaning it is a breeze with the removable crumb tray. Stylish and functional, this breakfast set is a pair perfect for everyday use and high visibility in your kitchen.

5. Best Silver Kettle and Toaster: Russell Hobbs Lincoln

Silver Russell Hobbs Lincoln

A sleek, stainless-steel set, the Russell Hobbs Lincoln Kettle and Toaster pair will look slick on any countertop they sit on. This affordable set boasts many of the same features as other twosomes on our list but has the smallest price tag.

The kettle has a 1.7L capacity and a rapid boil zone that can heat one cup in just 45-seconds. That’s right, busy morning people! You can sit with your first cup of the day in under a minute. Convenient 1-, 2-, and 3-cup measurements help you know exactly how much water you’re brewing, saving on water and energy waste.

The 2-slice toaster has a 7-setting browning dial to get your morning breakfast to your desired level of toast. Select the frozen bread option to toast bread without having to defrost it or use the reheat button to warm your toast back up without having to keep a watchful eye on it to prevent burning. This low-cost set does it all.

6. Morphy Richards 108266 Set

Morphy Richards 108266 set

The Morphy Richards Evoke Black and Rose Gold Kettle and Toaster set is bold and stylish with an available 8 colour options including black, white, cream, or brushed stainless. The rose gold or chrome accents and matte finish bring a modern style to your kitchen countertops.

The kettle’s 1.5L capacity, while smaller than average, is perfect for couples or smaller kitchens. Brewing just one cup, or the maximum six, is easy with the easy view water gauge and its modern look stays sleek with the handy cord storage. A 3 KW element ensures quick boil times and the removable limescale filter is easy to wash for clean, clear cups every day.

The matching Evoke Toaster from Morphy Richards comes in the same attractive colour options and has a 4-slice capacity with its own variable browning selection for each set of slices so even the pickiest of toast-eaters will have perfectly golden toast each time.

7. Cream Kettle and Toaster Set: Haden Turnbridge

With over 150 years of craftsmanship, it’s no wonder this Haden Kettle and Toaster set makes our list of top sets. The Haden Turnbridge Kettle and Toaster pair come in one colour option, a pretty, high-gloss, cream finish, eliminating the need to make a difficult decision on colour. Its sleek and classic design is perfect for all kitchen styles.

With a stylish and sophisticated design, the 1.7L kettle features a 3000W heating element and practical, cordless handling. The handy water viewing window, for measuring with ease, illuminates when the kettle is at a boil. They also include an extra removable limescale filter with the kettle for additional assurance that you’re always boiling the cleanest, best tasting cup possible.

The coordinating toaster is as functional as it is pretty. With variable browning control, you’ll have toast done to your personal preference each morning. Toast from frozen with the frozen bread option and reheat without starting a completely new cycle to avoid over-browning, so you never have to worry about a wasted slice of bread again.

Kettle and Toaster Set Buying Guide

Kettle Capacity

The average electric kettle capacity is 1.7L which makes 6 to 8 cups and the slightly larger 1.8L capacity will make 7 to 9 cups at a time. Most kettles have a water window that allows you to see the amount of water in the kettle so you can boil as little as one cup or the full capacity if you’re expecting a crowd.

A 1.7L kettle is perfectly adequate since boil time takes just a few minutes, but if you have a large family or regularly serve guests, it may be worth taking the time to find a 1.8L model.

Ease of Use & Features

The kettles on our list are all cordless models allowing you to take the kettle off the base and pour wherever is most convenient. Handy cord storage means that you can tidy up your kitchen when the kettle is not in use and the 360-swivel base that comes standard on the best models means an easy pour no matter your dominant hand. Lastly, look for kettles that have an easy-view water window to properly measure your water and an illuminate on boil feature to avoid wasted water and energy.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Kettles with fully detachable lids make for easier cleaning as nothing gets in your way when you’re scrubbing the inside. Removable filters are also a necessity to keep your kettle clean and to make each pour taste fresh.

Power Consumption

If you’re concerned about your electricity bill and carbon footprint, then you should check the energy rating of the kettle before buying, or choosing a specially designed eco kettle option. As a nation of tea drinkers means we’re using the kettle often, and the kettle is one of the top 3 kitchen appliances that consume the most electricity – it’s right up there with the microwave and washing machine.

Toaster Functions and Number of Slices

A toaster’s job is to, as the name suggests, toast a piece of bread. But how it toasts the bread is what makes certain toasters more functional than others. Variable bread slots, to toast thick or thin slices, make breakfast a breeze and variable browning selectors ensure that your toast is done only to the crispness you prefer.

Our favourite models also come with a lift and look feature that allows you to check on your toast before it’s finished to ensure you never over-brown or burn your bread. Defrost, cancel, and reheat functions round out a perfect toaster’s practical features.

Even the most affordable kettle and toaster sets come with the above-mentioned options. Purchase a kettle that is large enough for your everyday needs and a toaster that allows you to ensure perfectly golden toasted bread whenever you push the button. Don’t settle for basic when you can get all of these convenient features in a set that coordinates with your kitchen and fits your budget.