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Karcher SC2 Easyfix Cylinder Steam Cleaner Review


When we hear the word “cleaning”, we think of sponges, mops, cloths and strong scented chemical sprays which promise to destroy dirt – along with plenty of “elbow grease” – but that’s the old way of doing things.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to clean, using nothing more than fresh tap water. The Karcher SC2 Easyfix Multipurpose Steam Cleaner uses the power of steam to literally break the bonds of tenacious grease, stubborn dirt, difficult stains and crusty limescale, cleaning flooring of all kinds, ovens, kitchen fans, shower screens, bathtubs, taps, carpeting and upholstery.

And that’s just off the top of my head – this little machine has endless cleaning capabilities – from car parts to cookers, it’ll clean to a perfect finish.

But before we get into the review of this best selling multi-purpose steam cleaner, let’s look at the most important features.


Karcher SC2 Easyfix Key Features

  • Powerful Max 3.2 Bar of steam pressure
  • Heats up and ready to go in 6 minutes – get to cleaning sooner
  • Steam flow can be adjusted to the surface being cleaned
  • At just under 5kg, it’s lightweight and small design makes it easy to move and store
  • A safety lock makes it safe to operate around children
  • Doesn’t just remove dirt – hot vapour steam kills bacteria and viruses
  • Each 1L tank of water cleans 75m² of surface
  • Lot’s of accessories including floor cleaner
  • 1500 Watts power output and 4m power cable

Karcher SC2 is Powerful, Comfortable, and Easy to Operate

karcher sc2 floor tool

This steam cleaner is powerful yet lightweight, easy to use and versatile, allowing it to adapt to a variety of cleaning situations with ease, ready to tackle all kinds of stains, dirt, grease and grime. It comes with a very high-quality build and the exceptional performance you’d expect from a German-engineered appliance.

Because of the Karcher SC2 Easyfix small size and light weight, it’s easy to operate – the flexible hose allows you to reach difficult areas without straining to lift the entire unit, and the integrated wheels let you pull it across the floor to treat larger areas or multiple stains.

Because it takes up relatively little space, the Karcher SC2 is easily stored in most cupboards, or the corner of a room. The clever design even allows the included accessories to be stored directly on the cleaner, further reducing clutter – and ensuring you’ll always know where all the parts are.

Variable Output for Versatility

Not all cleaning tasks require the same amount of steam – for example, there’s a difference between removing 5 years of accumulated (and unidentifiable) gunk from the corner of a shower stall, and cleaning a slightly dirty floor.

That’s why the steam flow can be adjusted. Increase it for stubborn stains; decrease it for lighter stains, or areas which you might prefer to not get too damp, such as hardwood flooring.

Designed with Safety in Mind

Children are curious, and an interesting-looking steam cleaner may well capture the attention of a young one. Fortunately, the Karcher SC2 Easyfix Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner features a spinning safety valve that activates when the water pressure is full, preventing accidental burns. Once the water pressure drops, the valve releases and the remaining water can be emptied.

SC2 Accessories Expand Cleaning Capacity

A basic steam cleaner may include nothing more than a single nozzle, suitable for only certain tasks. But the Karcher SC2 comes with four main attachments, allowing it to tackle a much wider range of cleaning tasks:

The Detailed Nozzle with Round Brush takes the strain out of cleaning corners, crevices, moulding and other hard-to-reach spaces – especially in kitchens and bathrooms. For bathrooms, this attachment is ideal for cleaning around bathtubs, sinks, showers and tile grout. For the kitchen, it makes quick work of grease, ground-in grime and stains around cookers, ovens, surfaces and sinks. If the brush ever wears out or is lost, replacements are available.

The Lamellae Floor Tool is optimized for floor cleaning, exerting a stronger hold on the cleaning cloth. This allows larger areas to be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

The Hand Tool lets you get close to oily, greasy dirt and remove it more effectively than you could if you had to tackle it from a distance. Great for mirrors, windows and other large flat surface areas.

The Large and Small Cloth allows you to choose the right cloth for the job. Use the large size when using the floor tool, and the small size when using the hand tool. Both cloths are made of durable, high-quality cotton.

Sometimes, “simple is best” – and steam cleaning clearly illustrates this axiom. It’s effective, hygienic and non-toxic, using nothing more than water and heat to achieve great results.

The Karcher SC2 Easyfix has delighted many purchasers – evident from hundreds of positive reviews – with its ease of use and versatility. I too think it’s an excellent steam cleaner – I couldn’t be happier to do away with some of the conventional cleaning products I used to keep around!