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Karcher K4 Power Control Review

Karcher K4 cleaning decking

Pressure washers – they’re all the rage for home car and outdoor cleaning. These high-powered cleaners are great for removing dirt or old paint from many surfaces – cars, patios, siding, brick walls and more. “Can’t I do all that with my garden hose?”

Well, sure – but even the best nozzle won’t create the same pressure as a dedicated washer, which also has a spray pattern optimized for cleaning and which uses a mere 1/5 the water that a hose would for any given cleaning job.

The Kärcher K4 Power Control Pressure Washer doesn’t just look like it means business – energy efficiency and power are built into its design. The induction motor (a motor that produces its torque through electromagnetic induction) is water-cooled, dramatically improving performance and increasing the motor’s lifespan. The K4 pressure washer is also versatile, easy to use and stores away neatly. Keep on reading to learn more about its features!

Karcher K4 Power Control pressure washer

Karcher K4 Important Features

  • Water cooled motor with aluminum pump head – for performance and long life
  • Powerful 130 bar of pressure
  • Built-in water filter for motor protection
  • Quick Connect hose system – easy to use
  • Features a Plug n’ Clean system – simple to switch detergents
  • Features cable storage, lance and trigger gun
  • Uses water from a static source (ponds, buckets, etc.
  • 3-year warranty
  • Every unit is tested before it leaves the factory, ensuring that it works from the moment it’s used

Designed for Maximum Performance and Long Life

Any motor which spins quickly or generates a lot of torque heats up over time. Constant heat which doesn’t get dissipated can cause mechanical or electrical failure. That’s why Kärcher used a motor that’s kept cool with water – the motor’s performance is improved, since it doesn’t have to struggle to run at full power while overheating, and it lasts longer, rather than prematurely failing from heat exposure. Just like a car engine runs at optimal performance when kept cool, the K4 was built with the same design in mind.

Furthering the motor’s longevity (and preserving water) is the automatic stop/start feature, which prevents the cleaner from running constantly when in use. Also included is an integrated inlet filter, which ensures that debris doesn’t enter the cleaner and cause damage to the pump.

Feature-rich yet Easy to Use

K4 pressure washer lances

Don’t let the size of the Karcher pressure washer fool you – it includes an upright handle and wheels which make it easy to move around from site to site. And though a number of accessories are included, the pressure washer utilizes integrated storage, allowing you to keep the Dirt-blaster, electrical cable and Vario Lance close at hand.

At just over 11kg it’s fairly lightweight for a pressure washer of this calibre, but can be moved easily with the wheels and extendable handle.

Different jobs require different amounts of detergent – and the detergent regulator – a simple dial on the front of the cleaner – lets you predetermine just how much gets used. It’s just as easy to switch detergents, with the Plug and Clean facility that lets you swap containers.

Think for a moment about how much of a hassle it can be to attach a garden hose – those metal threads, rubber gaskets prone to cracking and the incessant dripping that gets in the way of ever making a solid connection. Now, forget all that, and read this: The Quick Connect hose system requires nothing more than pushing into the connector in order to attach the high-pressure hose, and pulling back a sleeve to release the hose. It’s fast, solid, easy and mess-free.

Powerful Accessories

power control cleaner bottle

Some products are bundled with accessories that are, quite frankly, useless. But not with the Kärcher K4 Power Control Home Pressure Washer. Everything it comes with has been carefully designed to work perfectly with the main unit.

The Dirtblaster is a high-power rotary nozzle that uses a rotating pencil jet. This concentrated blast of water improves cleaning performance by up to 50% over other high-pressure cleaning lances. Perfect for removing tough dirt from mossy or weather-beaten surfaces.

The Vario Lance is an adaptable spray lance that can go from low pressure to high with only a twist, making it perfect for a wide range of cleaning jobs. It easily connects to the trigger gun.

If you’ve ever tried cleaning a patio or stone wall with an ordinary garden hose, you’ve probably had the unpleasant experience of getting water sprayed back into your face or on your clothes. That’s why the included T250 Patio Cleaner is so much better. It’s designed for splash-free operation on such surfaces. Use the double rotating flat jet nozzles for vertically-oriented surfaces, like doors and walls.

The Stone Plug and Clean Detergent, a 3-in-1 formula, is tailored to cleaning outdoor stones, which, for all their rugged looks, are prone to accumulating dirt and fostering moss and algae. This specialized detergent formula dissolves dirt and protects against algae, wind and inclement weather.

Finally, the High-Pressure Hose – with a very useful 8m length – quickly connects to the trigger gun and the main unit.

After reading through this review you can see how the Kärcher K4 Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer hits all the right marks – it’s powerful, efficient, easy to use and versatile. If you foresee a number of outdoor cleaning projects in your future, look no further to get them done than this lean, mean, cleaning machine.

Everyone wants a great product, one that does the job and will last for years, but we also want a good deal. No one wants to overpay, that’s why we recommend searching the Karcher K4 for the best price online. They’ve always got the best discounts on Karcher pressure washers.