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Is Artificial Grass Pet Safe?

pet running on artificial grass

Pets love the freedom of playing in the yard. Grassy lawns and playful pets aren’t always the best combination, though. Dogs and cats can turn your natural grass into a torn-up, muddy mess.

There’s a pet-friendly solution to this issue: artificial grass! An artificial lawn can pair quite well with even the liveliest of household animals. Take a look at the perks of artificial grass for families with pets.

Outdoor Comfort

As a caring pet owner, one of your top considerations may be your pets’ happiness. If artificial grass were to put a damper on your animals’ backyard fun, you’d probably rule out the idea immediately. Fortunately, that doesn’t need to be a concern.

Most animals thoroughly enjoy the feel of artificial turf. It may take no time at all for your furry friends to become accustomed to your new lawn surface. As a general rule, the plastic used for artificial grass is soft underfoot and pleasant to the touch. Whether your pets prefer to run and play or stretch and sun, they should have no complaints about doing so on artificial turf.


Dogs and cats can be pretty rough and tumble outdoors. Many love to scratch and dig. Because artificial grass is an investment, you, of course, want to make sure that it’s going to hold up to your pets’ playfulness.

You can rest assured that high-quality artificial grass will be able to stand up to your pets’ exacting standards. Both animals and people can walk across an artificial lawn again and again without matting it down.

Because the material is tightly woven, even sharp canine teeth won’t be able to tear out a mouthful of blades. It can handle pointy feline claws, too.

The animals shouldn’t be able to rip up the edges of the artificial lawn either. With professional installation, you can count on the sides being securely affixed to the ground below. Just in case, homes with particularly feisty pets may want to ask the installers to use extra-long nails and wooden edging material to provide an additional layer of protection.

Quality artificial grass can be a long-term investment for your property. Some artificial lawns, even ones enjoyed by pets, can last up to two decades. However, if, by chance, something does happen to a section of your lawn, you may be able to replace just the damaged section.

Mud and Messes

With traditional lawns, pets can easily access the dirt and mud. All they have to do is scrape out a little bit of grass, and they end up right in the middle of a mess. The more digging they do, the dirtier the yard can become. After a rain, the problem can get even worse. Pets that spend time both indoors and out may end up tracking muddy paw prints throughout your house.

Artificial grass will keep your pets away from dirt and mud. All of your lawns’ soil will be tucked underneath the woven grass layer, so there will be no way for your pets to access it.

Plus, artificial grass is designed for drainage, so rainwater will quickly make its way through the material and into the ground below. Muddy puddles around your yard will become a thing of the past.

Waste Management

For many dogs, the backyard is also the bathroom. Animal waste sometimes kills the grass, which can be a problem for pet owners who prize a well-cared-for lawn. Dogs are known for leaving unsightly patches of dead grass throughout the yard.

Artificial grass isn’t alive to begin with, so there’s no way for animal waste to kill it. Plus, the long-lasting plastic won’t get damaged by pet waste in other ways either.

Urine passes right through the drainage-friendly material. Pet owners can scoop and dispose of solid waste, and residual messes are easy to clean up. A blast of water with the hose or a quick scrub with soap will take care of both residue and smells.

You can even purchase disinfecting products to blast away lingering germs. If you have young kids who play in the backyard, you’ll appreciate that peace of mind.

While artificial turf doesn’t typically suffer damage or odor from pet urine, homeowners should be careful with shock-absorbent sublayers. Often made of foam, this cushioning material can retain odors. It may be a smart idea for pet owners to forgo the shock layer.

Families who want the protection of shock absorbency around their children’s swings or climbing equipment may want to discuss the pros and cons with the turf installer. You may be able to use the underlayment in only a portion of your yard.

Just be sure to train your pets to do their business only in the non-padded area!


Your pets are part of your family. Keeping them safe is a top priority. Unfortunately, lawn chemicals may be hazardous to their health. The sprays and treatments designed to keep your grass healthy may end up making your furry friends sick.

Artificial grass is non-toxic and never needs fertilizers or other lawn chemicals. It stays fresh and green throughout the year. Since it doesn’t require chemical treatments, you can feel good about letting your pets play on it again and again.

Family Playtime

Artificial grass is always the same height. It never needs to be mowed, weeded or fertilized. Cutting lawn care from your to-do list could save you hours each week.

The less time you need to spend on yard maintenance, the more time you can spend with your furry best friends. That can mean more walks, more snuggles and, best of all, more games of fetch on your durable artificial lawn. Your pets will appreciate the extra attention, and you’ll enjoy spending time with them, too.

Artificial Grass and Your Pet

For your pet-loving household, artificial grass may be the best choice you could make. Good-quality artificial turf is both comfortable and rugged. It eliminates muddy backyard messes and unsightly dead patches caused by pet waste.

There’s little lawn care needed for artificial turf, so you can avoid harmful chemicals and free up time in your schedule for playing with your pets. Artificial grass can be an all-around reliable choice for your pets and your whole family.


Q. Is your Artificial Grass cat and dog friendly?
A. Totally! The grass has a strong rubber backing, which coupled with a sand infill to give the grass added protection. The sand infill and texture of fake grass make a great surface for pets, and it doesn’t get muddy!

Q. What do I do if my pet messes?
A. Clear up as usual with a poop bag; either rainwater or manually pouring some water on the lawn will wash any traces and urine away.

Q. Does dog urine discolour artificial grass
A. No, not at all – unlike natural grass where some dog mess and urine can kill the plant and leave patches of dead grass – artificial grass retains its colour.

Q. Does the urine smell stay in the grass?
A. No, it is washed away and absorbed through the drain hole and into the soil. However, we don’t recommend that you let you’re pet urinate on the same patch of grass every time they need to wee, as a smell could develop, particularly during times when there’s not much rain to wash it away.