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How to Cut Very Long Grass

cutting down long grass

If you have the luxury of maintaining a lawn, then overgrown grass can reflect very poorly on a homeowner or even on someone who is renting a beautiful house with a yard.

Having that beautiful outdoor space and letting it overgrow can be quite an eyesore. But other than looking unaesthetic, very long grass is also a breeding ground for small rodents and critters that can wreak havoc on your property. You do not want to encourage circumstances that will allow rodents to enter your home and raid your pantry.

Whatever your reasons have been to let the grass overgrow, it is time to bring things back in your control. Here is how you cut very long grass:

Get the Timing Right

If the grass has been overgrown by a lot, you will not be able to cut through it immediately. More importantly, you want to cut the grass when it is dry not when it is damp after a downpour.

So, choose a day that is sunny and dry out to do your first round of cutting. If you cut through the grass on a wet and overcast day, you will risk exposing the lawn to disease and bacteria. Ensure you have a few good weather days in a row because once you cut the grass, the lawn also needs a few days to recover.

Begin with a Grass Trimmer

using a Bosch Grass trimmer

If the grass is long, a lawn mower should not be your first choice of cutting equipment. You need to do the cutting process in stages because an electric lawn mower just won’t be able to cope with such long strands of grass. A lot of the grass would end up being torn from the ground and clog the blades.

A brush cutter or string trimmer is a better choice of equipment. Depending on how long the grass is you may have to use the cutting equipment a few different times before you can bring the grass to the appropriate mowing length of around 3 inches.

When you make the first cut, it is advisable to only cut about 50 per cent of the total length and allow the grass to rest for 2-3 days. After a few days, when you make the second cut, you can cut the grass down to about six inches. Allow the grass to recover again after this.

Bring the Mower Out

Once the grass is down to six inches and you have given it some time to recover from the previous cutting, you can use the lawn mower. Though you have nearly reached the end of the routine, it is still important to be gentle as the lawn is still vulnerable.

You should adjust the lawn mower such that it does not cut away too much of the grass. About 1/3rd the length of the grass is an appropriate cut.

Run the lawnmower over the grass slowly, using overlapping strides so that the entire lawn has been cut evenly. Once you have used the lawnmower and brought the grass down to the desired length, it is important to water the lawn well and rest it for a few days. Preferably, you should stay off the grass and allow it to recover from the incisions and sit with the water.

Make Grass Cutting a Routine

Once you have managed to tame the length of your lawn grass, try to not let it grow out too much. Even if you are going away on vacation, see if you can hire someone to mow your lawn while you are gone or ask a friend to help out. If the grass grows beyond a certain length, you will have to repeat the entire process described on top, starting from the first cut using brush cutters and letting the lawn rest.

Ideally, once you have cut the grass down to the desired length, you want to maintain it. Just how one gives their hair or beard trim if they do not want it to grow beyond a certain length, the length of the grass also has to be maintained or it will grow rapidly.

You should mow your lawn every 3-5 days to be able to maintain it and keep it healthy. Each time you mow the grass it is important to water it well and allow it to rest for a couple of days.

One doesn’t run a razor on their face every day, do they? Similarly, grass also needs a few days to recover from a day of cutting and mowing before it can take any more.

Final Words on Overgrown Grass

Cutting very long grass can seem like an incredibly time-consuming task and it undeniably is one. There are multiple periods of waiting before you get the desired length for your grass.

If the task seems too daunting, you can always hire a lawn maintenance company to do the work for you. Once they have cut the long grass, you should be able to maintain the length with a lawn mower. Most importantly, once the grass has become tamed, try not to let it overgrow again.