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Best Halogen Oven Pick 2022

best halogen oven andrew james

Halogen? I thought that was some kind of light.

You’d be right in thinking so – the word conjures up images of household lighting fixtures and powerful work lamps – but halogen bulb technology has made its way into ovens, using the high-powered crystal bulbs to quickly and effectively cook food.

These amazing little cooking appliances come in a wide range of makes and models, and after countless hours of extensive research and testing, we’re excited to share our best halogen oven picks with you.

1. Best Rated: Tower Halogen Oven Review

top halogen oven tower brand

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Family-owned British kitchen appliance maker Tower has built their bestselling halogen oven with dual dial control technology for even greater performance and ease of use. With its stunning piano black finish, robust construction, and outstanding performance, this halogen cooker leads the pack.

It’s Main Features

  • Uses halogen heat, infrared, and convection, for even heat distribution and faster cooking.
  • Temperature and timer controls make cooking food easier and simpler for consistently good results.
  • A large glass cooking bowl provides an all-round view of cooking progress.
  • Versatile cooking programs for meats, toast, pizza, rice, cakes and much more.
  • Very long-lasting halogen bulb (and easy to replace)
  • Healthy and delicious cooking – halogen technology cooks food without extra fat or oil and retains flavour and nutrition better than other ovens.
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories, including low and high-level racks, tongs, extender ring, baking mesh trays, and lid holder, for incredible versatility.
  • Incredibly easy to clean compared to a regular oven with an Automatic self-cleaning function
  • Generous 3-year guarantee for complete peace of mind
  • Informative recipe book full of fantastic halogen cooking tips and recipes.
  • Voted Best Halogen Oven Pick 2022

Safe and Easy Operation

Unlike other halogen ovens which require a lid stand to be purchased separately, as part of Towers list of accessories, it comes with a lid holding stand. Without such a stand, finding a safe place to rest the hot lid can be a potentially fussy and dangerous operation – the Tower halogen Oven Airwave features its custom shaped lid stand, which allows for hassle-free operation when serving meals.

This clever design means you never have to worry about dropping a heavy lid, and makes the oven safer to use for everyone, even the very young and old.

Delicious Meals Every Time

halogen cooker meals

Food-safe Materials for Peace of Mind

The large, 12-litre cooking bowl and lid are made of thick, food-safe glass. Not only is this type of glass able to withstand high temperatures and allows food to cook properly, but it’s also naturally free of BPA and other contaminants, so you can rest easy knowing that no chemicals have leached into your food.

The added bonus of a glass bowl means 360 degrees of clear views of your food as it cooks.

Designed for Years of Use

tower halogen oven lid stand

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Some halogen ovens may as well be “made to break” – after a year or two of operation, the bulb burns out, and you’re essentially left with… well, with a big round dish.

Fortunately, the Tower oven uses a halogen bulb that’s super long-lasting and easily replaced (and acquired online) cheaply. That small – but crucial – component is replaceable means you’ll be able to use your oven for many years to come instead of relegating it to the junk bin.

With the Tower company being UK based, they’re very easy to get hold of in the event you even need anything, and their customer service is top-notch. A lot of other popular halogen ovens are based overseas, which can make customer service tricky.

High Technology in a Compact Size

airwave extender ring

On the top of the lid is a handsome-looking control panel featuring two dials that adjust the cooking time (with up to 60-minute timer) and temperature (and corresponding, high-visibility LED lights indicating heat and power), as well as clear markings to provide you with cooking times and temperatures, depending on what foods you’re looking to cook.

Using the adjustable temperature control, you can set the thaw feature to defrost frozen foods quickly. This thaw setting also works the self-cleaning feature to keep the glass bowl sparkling. The heating element (bulb and fan) will produce heat ranging from 125 to 250 degrees C.

The Tower halogen oven can cook a host of foods – rice, cupcakes, steamed foods, meats, pizza and toast – you name it. It’s all thanks to the variable temperature controls and cooking racks.

The Tower Halogen Air Fryer Oven Airwave Low Fat Air Fryer utilizes Light-wave Technology, which cooks food quickly and evenly . I found that recipes that might take half an hour in a regular oven were done in just over ten minutes – and there’s no need to wait for the oven to preheat.

If I had to make one criticism – and I can’t even call it that – is that it would be better if the lid was hinged in some way, so that the entire lid doesn’t need to be removed, but that’s just a minor thing.

Whether you’re living by yourself or cooking for a family of 4, the 12-litre capacity bowl is an ideal size – but having said that, it’s still a very compact unit that does everything a regular oven can, but better and faster. If you’re looking to cook large quantities of food (like at Christmas), or multiple things at once, (like you would use racks on a standard oven), this model is adapted with the use of an extender ring, increasing the cooking capacity from 12L to 17L.

tower accessories

This Tower Halogen oven and Fryer is a best seller on and has been going strong for 9 years now, and has garnered hundreds of positive 5 star ratings and glowing customer reviews.

It’s reliably cooking delicious meals in thousands of happy homes across the UK. I can tell you first-hand that these mini ovens are utterly brilliant cookers.

After reviewing this Tower 12L Halogen Oven I was so impressed that I had to purchase one for my own home, and I’ve used it almost every night ever since. yes, it’s that good! I turned my back on my old boxy electric oven for this countertop halogen cooker.

Halogen ovens are, for many, a new way to cook. They’re not a stovetop element or traditional oven; they’re not a hotplate, or an induction cooker.

Rather, a halogen oven utilizes a high-intensity halogen bulb that sits over a glass dish, cooking food quickly, evenly and without the use of additional fats or oils, ensuring healthy, flavourful meals, every time.

Keep reading to learn more about halogen ovens and their most important features, or jump to the latest halogen oven review of the latest Tower Halogen Airwave Low Fat Air Fryer.

How Halogen Oven’s Work

air frying with halogen light

The power coursing through these special halogen bulbs creates high levels of infrared heat waves to cook food in a fraction of the time needed by conventional gas or electric ovens.

To further accelerate the process, halogen ovens utilize convective technology – fans that circulate the heat throughout the oven and around the food, ensuring an even dispersion and penetration of heat.

The result is deep, delicious and evenly, fully-cooked meals. The air circulated by these fans even allows the ovens to self-clean… more on that shortly.

Multiple Cooking Functions

They’re not limited by their technology. Halogen ovens, rather than performing only one or two functions very well, excel at all types of cooking: You name it… Baking, broiling and roasting of course, just like a conventional oven – but also frying, grilling, steaming, and even toasting – are not only possible with this appliance but excels at performing all of these cooking functions.

It’s such a versatile little machine! Have you heard of Air Frying? If you’ve been plunging chips and breaded chicken into a deep fat fryer you’ll be interested to know that there’s a far healthy way to cook this kid-favourite combo – air fry using a halogen oven.

That’s right, simply place food on the high rack, give everything a light spray with some healthy olive oil from the supplied oil bottle and let the halogen oven air fry your food. The result is delicious, golden brown crispy chips – kids will never know the difference!

Faster Cooking and Saves Energy

They’re fast at cooking, way faster than your regular home oven, and economical. Electricity isn’t cheap, and most of us are pressed for time.

That’s another good reason to switch to halogen ovens. In most cases, you can expect your food to be cooked in half the time, slashing electrical costs and cooking delicious meals twice as fast.

The secret is the concentrated heat produced by the crystal halogen bulb and the convection fan which forces the heat into the food, cooking it quickly and evenly. …and the best part?

It not only cuts your cooking time in half but also uses way less power than a large standard electric oven, making it a very energy efficient cooking appliance, resulting in reduced power consumption and a lower energy bill. So you can do your bit for the environment, save money, and get meals on the table faster!

Stress Free and Easy to Use

best andrew james halogen oven

Every halogen oven I’ve ever seen has been incredibly easy to use, with the top-recommended Andrew James Halogen Oven having only two controls:

One which sets the cooking time to a maximum of sixty minutes; the other, which sets the temperature. Manual or digital controls are a personal preference, though if you’re a stickler for accuracy, digital controls may be a better choice, but aren’t a necessity.

In addition, some digital halogen ovens include a hinged lid and numerical countdown displays which indicate how much cooking time remains.

The controls are similar to that of microwaves, some are controlled by turning a knob while others use a digital button – both doing the same job.

The manual operated ovens come with indicator lights that show you when the oven is plugged in and ready to use (this is also helpful in determining if the outlet being used is “live”).

An orange light indicates “power on” and green light is activated to show “heating” of the halogen bulb.

Your new halogen oven will come with instructions, providing you with information on suitable cooking times for different types of food. Poultry, beef, fish, pizza, etc. It’s cooking, made simple!

Halogen Oven Health Benefits

Stress-free, healthy cooking is possible. The versatility of halogen technology means meals require less fat and fewer garnishes to taste great – foods are cooked through and turn out well however you like them – moist and tender, gently steamed, roasted or crispy and fried –without unhealthy cooking fats and oils.

Things like burgers, beef, and sausages contain high levels of saturated fat.

Cooking these foods in a halogen oven allows the fats to drain away, reducing the fat content when it comes to eating the food. If you have some extra space in your kitchen for this money oven then you’ll be all set to serve healthier meals.

Because halogen ovens cook food in clear glass, you can visually monitor the cooking process. All that’s necessary is to add the food to the oven, place the cover on top, set the time and power it up.

Halogen Oven Accessories

If this is your second time purchasing a halogen oven, spare yourself the cost of accessories – since most such ovens use standardized 12L glass bowls, the oven-specific accessories, like the racks, should fit in a new model.

Because halogen ovens are shaped differently than conventional models, tongs are a handy accessory for lifting out piping hot food – it’s just not feasible to try sticking your hands into what amounts to an oversized hot casserole dish with a lid in order to take food in and out.

And a lid stand will allow you to rest the lid, vertically oriented, to minimize the space it would otherwise take up on your countertop, and to keep the hot bulb grill away from direct contact with surfaces.

As mentioned above, most halogen ovens are sized to the same standard – using an approximately 12L glass dish. Some include metal “extender rings” which can increase the capacity by almost 50 per cent, to 17L.

An average oven is slightly over 40 cm in diameter, so be sure you can allocate enough counter space for the oven and its lid (which is a bit over 30cm in diameter, but can, with a holder, be stored vertically) – and cupboard space for when it’s not in use.

Another measurement to consider is the length of the main cord, which can vary from as little as 20 to almost 100cm. In the case of a shorter cord, make sure there’s enough room on your counter in proximity to an outlet. The recommended Andrew James Halogen Oven comes with a wide range of accessories including:

High rack, low rack, tongs, lid holder, replacement spare bulb, extender ring, baking tray, steamer tray, skewers and recipe book – all included free with the appliance.

Everything you need for complete halogen oven cooking! If purchasing a halogen oven for the first time, in addition to looking for trays to bake and steam, consider a frying basket – this accessory allows you to “air-fry” food like a Large Air Fryer cooker without even using oil – perfect for crispy chips or battered fish, but without the unhealthy, overheated oil used by conventional deep-fryers.

Halogen Oven Vs. Microwave Oven

There are no known health risks associated with using infrared halogen light to cook food.

Microwave cooking on the other hand is subject to a lot of controversies, with some studies suggesting that microwaving can actually damage and deplete the nutritional value in some foods.

A lot of people are quite wary about using microwaves for cooking, and rightly so as microwaves cook food using an electromagnetic field to vibrate water molecules.

This molecular friction heats the food, but some studies and health experts will tell us that zapping food with microwaves can actually destroy vitamins and other healthy nutrients. Microwave ovens just don’t compare to Halogen ovens in terms of safety and cooking quality.

Your food choices are limited with a microwave – you couldn’t for example, cook a whole raw chicken in a microwave. With a halogen oven, you’re able to brown food and cook a wider range of meals, in a more healthy and efficient way.

If I want to heat up some leftovers, I’d much prefer to pop the food into a halogen oven for a couple of minutes. The warmth in the food is much more natural compared to microwave heating.

Like with any cooking appliance, when used properly, halogen ovens are very safe for cooking foods.

Self Cleaning System

When it’s time to clean the oven, remove your meal, pour some water into the bowl and add a little washing up liquid, then activate the self-cleaning mode. Simple!

The warm soapy water will spin inside the glass bowl, removing grease, oil and any food debris. The bowl easily lifts out from the plastic base, allowing you to take the bowl to the sink for a quick rinse.

No more hard work scrubbing inside your oven with harsh cleaning chemicals and scrubbing pads. Hot Tip! You can use your halogen oven to quickly and safely thaw food.

Simply set the heat to low “thaw mode” and use the convection fan to circulate the gentle heat throughout the oven until your food is thawed. It’s faster and more effective than setting it out on the worktop surface for hours.

Shopping for The Best Halogen Oven

If you’ve never owned a halogen oven, look for an oven that comes with an accessories kit – a good quality oven bundled with tongs, racks for positioning high and low in the oven and a stand to hold the lid.

Because halogen ovens have so many modes of cooking, consider additional trays for steaming, baking, etc.

The bulb powering your oven may last for a few years or more of regular use and are pretty cheap to replace, but it’s always a good idea to have a spare on hand. I’ve been using the same halogen oven for a few years now and I’ve not had to change any bulbs yet.

Very few oven manufacturers provide you with an extra spare bulb.

However, the Andrew James Oven does come with an easy to fit spare bulb, which is super handy should you ever need one. Halogen ovens are affordable – even with the aforementioned accessories and high performance, you will likely pay only between £30 and £100.

You should have no trouble at all buying a really good halogen oven for well under £100.

And you’re not restricted to just one colour, as some models are available in Red or Black, so you can pick one that will match the rest of your appliances and/or kitchen decor.

Halogen ovens are fast, effective and economical, and belong in the kitchen of anyone who wants to cook a wide variety of delicious, stress-free meals in half the time.

What if the Bulb Blows Out?

halogen oven bulb

The most common concern I hear from people who are on the fence about buying a halogen oven is a genuine fear that the bulb will conk out on them in the middle of cooking a Sunday roast.

It’s an understandable concern, but it’s not something that you need to worry about because the halogen bulbs used in these ovens are extremely durable.

As said, the current bulb I’m using has been working just fine for years now. They’re not like regular bulbs you’d put in a lamp that needs regular replacing from blowing out.

No, halogen oven bulbs last for years without needing to be replaced, and if your bulb does blow they are cheap and easy to replace, just like a normal oven heating element.