Best Wood Burning Fire Pits of 2021

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A fire pit can make a huge difference to your outdoor life. Whether you place the pit in a garden or a convenient backyard spot, a wood burning fire pit adds warmth and comfort to your space. You can use the pit to enhance the ambiance of your parties, or you can burn wood to keep your garden cozy even during the chill of autumn.

Fire pits are ideal for entertaining company, enthralling kids, and getting the full summer experience from your backyard. You can roast marshmallows or sit beside the pit with blankets and hot chocolate. It’s a campfire that can be built without burning your grass.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure that your fire pit is cleared with any local regulations. We’ve put together a list of the top seven wood burning fire pits that you must have in your backyard.

1. VonHaus Round MgO Fire Pit Bowl

fire pit with bbq grill

This stylish fire pit is outfitted with safety dome mesh, BBQ grills, and looks great in any garden. In addition to making a great campfire spot, you’re able to cook on this, too. You can cook for company over a real open flame or barbecue with charcoal.

The MgO material is resistant to intense UV damage during the summer months, and when the winter hits, the frost and rain will not cause any corrosive damage. It’s built to last, but does require some care.

While it looks like natural stone, the hollow outer bowl is actually much lighter than a stone concrete construct would be. This makes the fire pit a practical choice and very easy to move around. However, you’ll notice two handle slots cut out of the side of the bowl. These are not symmetrical, which makes it quite awkward to lift – bit that’s just a minor niggle.

I found that the top of the outer cream / white bowl becomes quick black from smoke over time, so keep in mind that there’s some cleaning maintenance involved in keeping that pristine modern look.

The bowl also has a spark guard lid made of protective mesh. You can place it over the flames to keep sparks from crackling and popping logs escaping, making it safer for use on wooden decking. This mesh grill is supposed to be rush resultant, but after several burn testes, and exposure to rain, the mesh is beginning to show signs of rust and holes are spearing in the mesh – I recommend getting a fire pit cover to keep it dry.

On testing, I found that the heat from the base of the bowls would scorch and blister stained decking boards. To avoid this from happening, I placed the fire pit on top of a small stone slab, which worked very well.

Also included is a heat-resistant poker to let you stir the coals. The pit can burn both charcoal and wood logs. The metal bowl where your burn the wood is quite thin, and is showing small signs of rust. I suspect after some time that this bowl will rust through entirely, from the intense heat of the fire, and then exposure to the elements. I highly recommend a cover, or storing the fire pit in a shed when not in use, to prolong its life.

You can fit almost a whole bag of fire wood in the empty bowl, which is ideal for around two hours of a relaxing fire.

The grill rack allows you to barbecue small portions. If you’re feeding a massive party, though, you might want to invest in a larger grill. The grill rack should be kept indoors or covered when it isn’t being used.

The fire pit comes with an instruction manual, but the components are easy to assemble. Everything slots into place without needing complicated tools. The manufacturer also provides a two-year warranty against defects and damage.

2. Sosa Stainless Steel Charcoal Fire Pit

rustic wood burning fire pit

This fire pit can burn charcoal and other compressed wood fuels. It has a sleek, modern design that can be easily integrated into your garden or backyard patio. The carbon steel materials slowly develop a rustic, natural patina. The bowl arrives with a chrome appearance and rusts over several weeks of exposure to water.

You can purchase a stainless steel grill grate to turn the pit into a barbecue option. The grill isn’t included in the initial purchase, though. You’ll also need to do some basic assembly work. An instruction manual is included along with all the tools necessary for assembly.

The small design is compact and portable. You can place the pit on a deck as long as there’s a heat-resistant barrier between it and the wood. Also included is a manufacturer warranty.

3. Quesada Stainless Steel Charcoal/Wood Burning Fire Pit

This fire pit has a modern, contemporary look. It’s capable of burning both charcoal and wood logs. The hand-finished steel construction has been sanded so that rust can form naturally over time, creating a rustic appearance that fits with a typical garden.

The legs are also hand-finished and made from durable stainless steel. Overall, the fire pit is made to last for multiple years. The stainless steel is resistant to rust, but the carbon steel bowl is designed to develop a patina over several weeks. The rusting process begins when the metal is first exposed to water.

Like the previous entry, this fire pit can be converted into a barbecue by purchasing a stainless steel grate from the manufacturer. The design is also portable, so you can move it from place to place in your backyard when entertaining. You can also bring it inside during the winter if you want.

The black and silver finish will appeal to anybody who likes the sleek appearance of modern kitchens. You can also use the product on a wooden deck as long as you use a heat-resistant barrier.

Unlike many other options on the list, this simple fire pit doesn’t require any assembly. This makes it an ideal fit for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of tools or multiple components.

4. Chyna Concrete Charcoal Fire Pit

This fire pit is a great choice if you want a charcoal-burning pit that includes both a cooking grate and spark screen. The pit can be set up on a balcony, patio, or garden. Like the first option on the list, this pit makes use of faux-concrete MgO material but with an attractive rose gold trim.

The material is lighter than concrete while maintaining the aesthetic look of concrete. Another advantage that MgO has over concrete is that the material is resistant to weather. It will not develop cracks due to frost, become damaged due to UV rays, or develop rust when exposed to water. This makes it ideal for those who live in areas with varied weather.

The copper finish gives the fire pit a modern look that seamlessly integrates with other outdoor furniture. You can use wood logs to create a warm, glowing campfire. If you use the included grill to cook, you’ll want to use charcoal to generate maximum warmth.

The fire pit doesn’t come with a cover, but it does have a grill lid and a spark screen to protect against errant heat. It’s an affordable option for those who want a grill and a dual-burning design without breaking the bank. Some minor assembly is required, but all tools are included except a screwdriver.

The full manufacturer warranty lasts for two years. You can also extend the warranty by registering with the manufacturer.

5. Sorrentino Stainless Steel Charcoal/Wood Burning Fire Pit

This hand-finished and modern sturdy design uses high-quality materials to create a contemporary appearance. It can burn both wood and charcoal. Like some other options on the list, the bowl is made from carbon steel that will develop a rustic patina over a few weeks. The stainless steel legs support the bowl, with an overall construction that can last for multiple years.

The silver finish gleams in both sunny and overcast weather. With a weight of just 9 kilograms, the fire pit can be portably moved from place to place. It’s rated for use with a wooden deck as long as you use a heat-resistant barrier.

No assembly is required for this particular fire pit, so you don’t need to worry about struggling with instruction manuals and tools. Also included with the purchase is a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for three years. This is longer than many fire pit warranties on the market.

6. Joss Steel Wood Burning Fire Ring

This is one of the most beautiful fire bowls on the market. It burns wood alone to create a cozy campfire, rather than being built for charcoal grilling. The bowl has laser-etched cutouts of trees, deer, and other shrubbery. The laser makes the cutouts more precise than most hand-etched or machine-etched cutouts.

The three-legged bowl has a rustic brown finish that suits any natural garden. It’s a cozy piece of outdoor furniture suited to chilly autumn nights or long summer days. The design pieces are made by Esschert Design, a firm that works with Sol 72 Outdoor Furniture to create unique products.

The soft steel material acquires a natural finish over time. Because of the open flame, this piece is not safe to put on a wooden deck or patches of dry grass. Some assembly is required as well, and the pit cannot be used for grilling purposes.

It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a beautiful decorative fire pit that can stand on three legs in a garden or on a stone patio.

7. Thorith Wood Burning Fire Pit

This wood burning fire pit has an exterior that resembles natural stone. It looks like a hand-constructed pit that was built specifically for your backyard. A cooking grate is included. In addition to burning wood logs, you can use charcoal to grill food.

In addition, a spark screen is included to protect against errant flames. Whether you’re cooking or using the pit as a campfire, you can make use of the components without worrying about potential burns. A fire poker provides additional protection.

The grill insert can be easily installed. The design is also versatile, able to burn wood chips, wood logs, coal, and charcoal. The exterior resembles stone but is coated with polyresin material for maximum weather resistance. It’s more lightweight than a stone pit, which makes it portable.

Some assembly is required. You can use this fire pit on a wooden deck as long as there’s a heat-resistant barrier in place.