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3 Best Epilators for Women in 2022

best epilator picks

Tired of applying hot wax and throwing money on salon appointments?

Bored with the drudgery of constant shaving to keep your legs smooth?

There is a much better hair removal method. One that doesn’t present stubble after a few days, like shaving. And unlike painful, messy waxing, there’s no waiting around for hairs to grow back to a suitable length between sessions.

Of course, I’m talking about epilators – small handheld devices that combine the ease of a shave with the long-lasting results from waxing.

The following are our reviews of some of the best epilators to buy today, and handy buyers guide for beginners:

1. Braun Silk-éPil 9 9/980 SkinSpa SensoSmart Epilator Review

Braun-Silk-éPil-9-SkinSpa epilator

The Braun Silk-ePil SensoSmart epilator is a smart device that removes hair better than most of its competitors in the market. Perhaps, even better than other epilators from the same brand.

It does not require as much pressure as other epilators and moves smoothly and painlessly. It is a cordless wet and dry epilator that can be used even in the bath or shower.

A perfect system to remove hair without harming your skin or experiencing cuts.

Braun Silk-ePil 9 Key Features

The SensoSmart technology helps guide the epilator on your skin sensitively without needing to apply too much pressure.

If you are pushing the epilator too hard, a red light will come on to indicate that you should release pressure.

The MicroGrip tweezer can remove hair as short as 0.5 mm so all the stubble that grows back between waxes can be taken care of.

This is a cordless epilator that can be used both in dry conditions and in wet conditions.

The device comes with two body exfoliating brushes that help to keep ingrown hair at bay.

The pivoting head allows the device to adjust to the contours and curves of your body.

There are 13 extra accessories that come along with the epilator, like a facial cap, a skin contact cap, a shaver and trimmer cap and a bikini trimmer for smooth hair removal in sensitive areas.

2. Philips Series 8000 BRE715/01 Wet & Dry Epilator

Philips series 8000 Epilator

The Philips Series 8000 Wet & Dry Epilator is one of the best hair removal devices in the market. The device runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides 40 minutes of cordless runtime after charging it only for 1.5 hours.

It is a wet and dry epilator with an anti-slip grip so you can use it in the bath or shower as well. There are different speed settings for different lengths and thicknesses of hair.

Philips Satinelle Key Features

  • Micro-ridged ceramic discs that help catch even the shortest of hair.
  • Extra wide head, allowing the device to cover more skin in a single stroke.
  • There are two-speed settings for both thick and thin hairs.
  • Foil shaver head and a comb so you can remove hair on different parts of the body, making this device a 2-in-1 shaver and epilator.
  • x 9 accessories included with the devices, like an exfoliating brush, a shaver, comb, body massager, etc.
  • There is a built-in light that ensures not a single hair is missed.
  • Anti-slip grip allows you to use the epilator even in the shower.

3. Panasonic ES-ED93 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator

Panasonic ES-ED93 cordless Epilator

The Panasonic Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator is a great device to get a smooth, soft hair removal experience. The device protects the skin while also removing even the shortest and most difficult hair.

It is a whole skincare experience with different exfoliation and hair removal attachments.

The epilator can be used on the entire body, including sensitive areas.

It is a wet and dry cordless epilator, which means you can even use it in the shower or bath for a gentler hair removal experience as the hair becomes softer and comes off with greater ease.

Panasonic ES-ED93 Epilator – Key Features

  • Easily remove hair and exfoliate the skin on the entire body, including legs, arms, bikini line and feet.
  • This particular epilator can also be used as a lady shaver by attaching the appropriate electric razor head.
  • Foot Care attachment which helps remove hard skin and dead cells, leaving you with soft feet.
  • Flexible head has the ability to pivot 60° so it can adjust itself according to the curves and contours of your body.
  • There are two-speed settings, soft and normal, for varying thickness of hair.
  • You can get 30 minutes of cordless runtime with a one hour charge.
  • Comes with x 6 different attachments.

How to Always Buy the Best Epilator

using best cordless epilator leg hair

The following is a simple buyer’s guide to finding the right epilator for yourself. The first concerns, of course, are the cost of the device and what other customers have to say about them:

The Right Price

It is up to you to decide on a budget. There will be plenty of options within your budget so if you think you are stretching yourself too much to buy something, think again.

To add another perspective, however, an epilator is a long-term investment and even if it is slightly more expensive than you had imagined, keep in mind that a good epilator will last you a long time.

Weigh the pros and cons accordingly.

Check Latest Epilator Reviews

Check with other customers, perhaps friends, family or acquaintances who have used the product so you can make a more informed choice. You should also check the reviews on the manufacturer’s website and on other online portals.

Now, what are the specific features you should look for in an epilator?

There are a few different types that you can pick from, depending on your needs:

Number of Tweezers

The more tweezers in the head, the faster the epilator will work on the hair. As the head rotates on the skin, the tweezers catch the hair and attempt to pull it out. If there are too few tweezers, the device will be less effective.

Corded vs Cordless Epilators

A corded epilator is one that needs to be connected to a power outlet at all times. It does not provide too much freedom of movement and you certainly cannot use it under the shower, but it will also not switch off on you because of battery issues.

A cordless epilator is one that runs on a battery. Typically, you may get about 30-40 minutes of cordless use with about 1.5 hours of charge time. It is up to you to decide which one is more convenient for you.

Wet and Dry

A dry epilator is one that you cannot use with water. All corded epilators are dry epilators. Some people, however, prefer to epilate under the shower as the hair comes off more easily and less painfully.

These wet and dry epilators can be used both under the shower and otherwise. A dry epilator, however, is far more effective and will give you cleaner, smoother skin.

What Are the Accessories and Attachments like?


Most epilators come with several other accessories that elevate the experience. In an attempt to one-up each other, manufacturers throw in various attachments that make the epilator a more dynamic product.

You may want to look for attachments like shavers, combs, exfoliating brushes, body massagers, etc. These attachments are commonly available with popular epilators and you do not need to go looking too far.

Some epilators also come with an in-built light which allows you to see the area of the skin you are working on much better. This is especially useful when you are using the epilator on sensitive areas like the bikini line.


The following are some common questions new customers may have about epilators:

How Do Epilator Machines Work?

An epilator has rotating tweezers in its head which work by pulling out hair right from the follicle. This sure sounds painful, but if you use the device correctly and use it on the right length of hair, it can be one of the most convenient ways to remove hair.

The hair will take about 3-4 weeks to grow back since it is being pulled out of the root and not being cut simply at the surface.

Do Epilators Hurt?

As explained above, using an epilator will hurt a bit but not if you use it regularly and reduce the growth of the hair. The longer the hair that is being pulled out is, the more pain the device is likely to cause.

There are epilators that are designed to cause the least amount of discomfort. If you are especially sensitive to pain, you can consider these special epilators.

Is Waxing a Better Option?

Epilators and waxing deliver the same results and can be equally painful for somebody sensitive to pain. Epilators, however, are a lot less messy and require much lesser effort.

With waxing, you need to invest in waxing strips, you will need to heat the wax and be careful not to burn yourself. This can be quite inconvenient, especially when the wax gets stuck to your clothes.

An epilator, on the other hand, is a simple device that you can whip out at the last moment and be ready within a few minutes. It is also a more cost-effective option in the long run.

An epilator can be one of the grooming best investments you could make.

A good epilator will last you a long time and cut down on all the money you need to spend on trips to the salon every fortnight. With different attachments, an epilator can be a device that cares for your entire body.