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Best Energy Efficient Kettles of 2022

top energy saving kettle

As a nation of tea drinkers, every household in the UK has a good kettle in their kitchen. An energy-efficient kettle is something the smart and Eco-conscious homeowner will invest in.

Kettles are used for more than just cups of tea and coffee. From heating up water to a boil for a hot drink or meal prep to filling a hot water bottle for a cosy night in – these smart, energy-efficient kettles will make your life so much easier than old, dated, plastic kettles that took forever to heat up.

Today’s smart, programmable eco kettle helps preserve energy, boil water quickly, and even pick the time you want the water boiled. You can even utilize your smartphone to control some voice-enabled kettles. Regardless of the features, you’re looking for, these are some of the top energy saving kettles available to date.

1. AEG Gourmet 7 Digital Temperature Control Kettle

AEG Eco kettle black

For those mornings where you’re in a hurry, the AEG smart kettle has you covered. It features a one-cup turbo function, which allows you to quickly heat up a cup of water for your coffee or cup of tea before leaving for work. It features a push-down pour design so that the water is only poured from the kettle when this switch is pushed down.

This is a great safety feature to prevent over-pouring, spillage, and help prevent burns. A rubber grip handle and kettle-top also help prevent owners from burning themselves against a hot, stainless steel surface while pouring extremely hot water or liquids they’ve just boiled.

The energy efficient kettle features a digital thermometer on the base. Once the target temperature is selected, the actual temperature is shown on the base as it heats up.

This gives owners an indication of how long it will take to reach the desired temperature. It goes up to 100 degrees C. This feature is nice as you can shut it off before it reaches a specific temperature if you have to, or are in a hurry. This kettle also keeps the water hot, at a selected temperature, if this function is chosen by users.

The kettle also includes a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects. If you ever have an issue with temperature settings, controls, or smart features, your kettle is covered.

Some of the nice selling points of this kettle include

  • It’s cordless
  • Boil-dry protection prevents the kettle from overheating or boiling while there’s no water in it
  • It has a concealed heating element
  • Adjustable temperature controls and digital reading so you know exactly where the temperature is at any time
  • 360 degree swivel base
  • One cup turbo function
  • Energy efficient temperature controls
  • Three-way auto shut off for added safety

There are some drawbacks worth noting. Some of the cons are

  • Can be a bit on the pricey side

2. Bosch TWK8633 Styleline Collection Kettle [Energy Class A]

Bosch TWK8633 energy saving kettle

One of the most well-known brand names in appliances is the maker of the Styleline series kettle, so you know you can rely on the quality and build of this unit.

The kettle is available in a black or white finish, and features temperature control with four different settings. The temperature settings range from 70 up to 100 degrees C, and there’s a rapid boil feature, to help speed up the boiling process for those mornings when you’re running a little behind.

A one-touch lid ensures easy operation for owners. Simply add water or the liquid you’re boiling into the kettle and you’re ready to go. A triple safety feature includes auto shut-off, overheat boil dry protection, and the kettle automatically switches off when lifted from the base.

This prevents the kettle and base from overheating or continuing to heat up. If someone accidentally places their hand on or around the base, the auto switch-off feature is excellent at helping prevent burns and injuries in the kitchen.

This kettle also features a “keep warm” function, allowing owners to maintain the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes after the water has boiled.

If you want to spend a few more minutes in bed and hit the snooze button, the water’s going to be waiting for you when you’re ready to get up!

Some of the pros consumers will appreciate include

  • The triple-safety function/feature to prevent burns, overheating, and burning the kettle
  • The keep warm function maintaining the boiled water temperature for up to 30 minutes after boiled
  • Side indicator markers for water levels, up to 1.5 L capacity
  • Acoustic ready signals warns you when water has boiled
  • An anti-slip, soft touch handle, and a 360 degree swivel base for left and right-hand users

Consumers should also consider the drawbacks, some cons of this model include

  • It has a plastic finish which is cheaper in appearance than the more attractive stainless steel models
  • There are only four preset temperatures
  • There’s no digital readout of the temperatures, it appears a little dated in comparison to new, sleek models
  • 1.5 L capacity is smaller than comparable models for a similar price point

3. Russell Hobbs 25113 Eclipse Polished Stainless Steel & Copper Sunset Ombre Electric Kettle

Russell Hobbseco Electric Kettle

This 1.7 L kettle features a distinct pour spout which ensures stable water flow from the spout to the cup while pouring.

It has a quiet boil function, which was tested to be up to 75% quieter than Russell Hobbs kettles without this feature.

There’s a rapid boil zone, and indicators for one, two, or three cups. The rapid boil function will boil one cup of water in about 45 seconds, which is a nice feature when you’re running late for work in the morning.

The clear water window has markers indicating two, four, or six cup markers, and the 1.7 L capacity.

It also turns blue once the water is boiled, so you know it’s ready for you to pour. A rubber grip handle around the stainless steel finish of the kettle also helps prevent burns while pouring water into your mug or cup.

And features the Ombre high-gloss design, giving the kettle a distinct appearance, which sets it apart from others on the list.

Owners can save up to 66% energy by using the smart boil option. This allows you to choose one, two, or three cups, and never boil more than you have to at any given time.

Some pros of this model include

  • The blue boil window, which clearly indicates when the water is boiled to the desired temperature
  • Easy marker views for two, four, or six cup capacities
  • The quiet boil mode won’t wake you up when you want to sleep in a few extra minutes
  • It features a removable and washable filter to prevent buildup and sedimentation from building up
  • It delivers one cup of boiled water in 45 seconds
  • The unit automatically shuts off after boiling to preserve energy and prevent burns in the kitchen

Some cons consumers should consider are

  • It is corded unlike some of the cordless models
  • This model seems to be lacking a keep warm function
  • The kettle’s on/off switch is plastic
  • It features plastic throughout the interior of the kettle, which might cause water to taste of plastic

4. Sage BKE820UK the Smart Eco Kettle Review

This smart kettle features stainless steel, sleek looking exterior. There are five preset temperature settings, ranging from 80 up to 100 degrees C to choose from.

A soft open, cushion controlled lid prevents water from splashing back while pouring. It also helps prevent burns when grabbing the handle to pour water into the cup or mug.

There’s a keep-warm function, which allows owners to maintain the boiled water at the desired temperature for up to 20 minutes after boiling. The dual-sided, clear window makes it easy to see how much water is in the kettle, capped off at the 1.7 L mark capacity.

It features the boil dry protection feature, so the kettle will shut off if there’s no water in it.

A concealed heating element and water filter system, help ensure the purest, best tasting boiled water when using this kettle in the home.

It also features an auto shutoff feature for added safety if owners forget to turn off the unit after the water has boiled.

Some of the nice features this model offers include

  • The five preset temperature options guarantee perfectly boiled water for coffee or tea
  • The keep warm feature will maintain the water’s temperature for up to 20 minutes after boiled
  • A slow release lid prevents splashing hot water and auto shutoff is a nice added safety feature
  • Dual-sided, clear window design, allows both left and right-hand users to clearly see how much water they’re pouring

Some cons to consider

  • The kettle’s simple design and lack of optional features
  • It is larger and bulkier than some models on the list
  • You can’t program a time to boil water
  • Numbers on kettle base are hard to see and aren’t illuminated

How to Choose the Perfect Eco Kettle

boiling economical energy saving kettle

Now that you have an idea of what some of the best kettles are, how do you know which one’s right for you?

Or, if you’re considering a different model or series, what should you look for when choosing your new smart kettle?

A good looking kettle is one thing. You also want something functional, easy to use, smart, and a kettle that will actually help conserve energy.

We’ll highlight some of the most important features to look for when buying a new energy saving, smart kettle for your home.

Keep Warm Function

This is a great feature as it maintains the temperature of boiled water, once it has reached that temperature.

Some kettles will feature a keep warm feature that can last between 20 minutes, up to 2 hours with some higher-end models.

This is nice if you don’t plan on using all of the water immediately or plan on boiling more than you need, yet want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee within a specific amount of time.

Quick Boil Function

Similar to the keep warm function, this is a nice bonus feature for those who are always running late. You can push a button, and the kettle will heat up quickly, to the desired temperature, and boil a single cup of water.

In some of the most efficient kettles, the quick boil function operates in one minute or less, reaching temperatures up to 100 degrees C in no time.

Easy CleanUp (Hidden Element)

With the heating element in most traditional kettles right in the way, cleaning them is not only a pain, but takes plenty of time.

A cordless system, with a concealed heating element, makes cleanup a breeze.

Just rinse after use to prevent scaling within the kettle’s interior lining.

360 Degree Swivel Base

Although not essential, this feature is nice for left and right-hand users. It allows owners to turn the kettle a full 360 degrees around the base, making it easy for them to lift with either hand, instead of having to face the kettle in a certain direction to pick it up.

Temperature Control

Temperature adjustments and controls should be clearly marked. Modern kettles will feature a digital control, allowing owners to easily set a temperature and forget it.

Unlike a traditional kettle, where you turn on the stovetop and let it boil, a smart kettle allows you to choose a specific target and let the water boil to that temperature.

This is perfect when making a dish or beverage, which requires precision in execution.

Or, if you simply like your tea at 85 degrees C, it’s nice to have the option to choose that number and let the water boil to that temperature level.

Safety Features

Auto shutoff, a slow release lid to prevent hot water from splashing, and boil dry protection, are a few of the many great safety features to look for when choosing a new smart kettle.

An acoustic alert is also a nice feature to let you know the water’s boiled, in the event your kettle doesn’t have a keep warm function, so it doesn’t cool down too quickly.

One-Cup Markers

This is an Eco-friendly option that many people who want to conserve energy will look for. With cup indicators clearly marked along the side of the kettle, it allows owners to choose how much water to boil.

This prevents over boiling, waste, and helps conserve energy, when you’re making a single cup or a couple of cups, for one or two drinks.

Filter System

In some regions where hard water is common, limestone, scale, and buildup cause water from the tap to look cloudy.

The water doesn’t taste great either.

A filtration system is a nice added feature if you live in these regions, or even if you just want the purest, cleanest water for your drinks. It will filter out impurities while boiling in the kettle.

Whether you’re trying to save money on your electricity bill, or save the environment – or both – a great energy efficient kettle is the way forward.

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