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How to Clean a Glass Shower Screen

shower screen door cleaning

How do you keep a glass shower door or partition as shiny as the day it was installed?

It’s an important question if you want your bathroom to be a fresh, inviting space. The reality is that a streaked, cloudy, grimy shower door can age your bathroom and devalue the look of your expensive, stylish mixer shower. However, keeping your shower door in sparkling condition isn’t necessarily as easy as just wiping it clean. There are several factors that can contribute to dirty shower doors.

If you’re finding that keeping your shower door clean is difficult, there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with the two most common causes of dirty shower doors. Those causes are soap scum residue from shampoos, shower gels, conditioners, bars of soap, and hard water.

Commonly found in public water supplies, hard water is water that is full of minerals like chalk, lime, calcium and magnesium. When hard water and soap scum merge, cleaning your shower door in a flash is an impossible feat. That’s because soap particles and minerals from hard water react together to create what are essentially water-insoluble stains that streak up and down your beautiful glass doors.

Soap and hard water accumulate on glass shower doors much faster than people know. In fact, many people don’t realize that this imperfect combination is happening until their shower doors are very far gone. If left unaddressed, these issues can permanently ruin your door. However, you shouldn’t think about replacing your doors just yet if you’re having a tough time getting rid of stains. Take a look at four options for getting your shower door back in top condition!

Use a Window Vac Set

Window Vacs aren’t just for cleaning windows – they clean mirrors, tiles, and liquid from any flat surface. This handy tool could be the secret to banishing scum and streaks from your shower screen door.

Sets like the Karcher WV 6 window vac come with a spray bottle with built-in microfiber cleaning cloth. This is idea for glass cleaning – simply fill the spray bottle with detergent, wiping down with micro fiber cloth, and use the window vac to remove dirty excess water for a perfect, streak free finish.

They are especially effective when it comes to getting rid of spills and condensation. Window vacs are specially designed to leave flat surfaces without any streaks. The benefit of investing in one of these vacs is that you can use it on your bathroom tiles, windows, and mirrors – it’s an all-round bathroom cleaning appliance.

A vac is a top option if you simply don’t want to put in the time and elbow work needed to scrub your shower door regularly.

Use a Chemical Spray

Tackling stubborn streaks with a chemical spray is sometimes the best option for simply getting rid of a problem. It’s very important to use a chemical spray that is specially formulated to clean shower glass.

Chemical sprays that are not formulated for glass can rob your glass door of its shine. This means that you’re stuck with a dull, matte finish that no longer reflects light beautifully. Chemical sprays are especially effective when it comes to removing limescale buildup and ultra-stubborn dirt that won’t respond to a sponge with water.

Use Natural Ingredients

In many cases, trying some natural ingredients as soon as you begin to notice streaks and stains may be enough to whip your glass door back into shape! White vinegar is an inexpensive, extremely safe option for cleaning your shower doors. Simply create a mix with one part white vinegar to three parts distilled water.

Add the mix to a spray bottle that you can use to spray your mixture directly on your glass. Allow it to sit on the glass for a few minutes before wiping off excess moisture with a cloth or paper towel.

Baking soda and water can also work nicely on a shower screen Begin by dampening your shower door. Next, add 3/4 cup baking soda on a soft cloth. Vigorously wipe the cloth with baking soda over the shower door to activate the scum-dissolving power of baking soda.

If you’re looking for a more ambitious approach to cleaning your shower door using all-natural products, combine baking soda with white vinegar to make a paste. Using 1/2 cup of each should be enough to create a beautiful paste that you can wipe all over your shower door. Allow the paste to sit for up to 15 minutes before wiping it away with a cloth.

Try WD-40

I know, sounds crazy. When we think of WD-40 we think of oil in a can that fixes squeaky door hinges and rusty bike chains – but it’s one of those surprising superstar cleaners that lots of people seem to have success with when tackling stubborn dirt. Call it a “hack” – WD-40 is good for cleaning shower doors because it has the power to displace water.

As a result, it’s great for tackling stains created by hard water merging with soap scum. The de-griming aspect of WD-40 makes it a top pick if you’re struggling to get rid of stains left over from body washes or bath bombs.

You Can Have Beautiful, Streak-Free Shower Glass Without Replacing Your Doors

These cleaning tips should help you to make strides in getting rid of streaks that have been frustrating you. Don’t forget that there are also some best practices that will enhance your efforts.

First, it’s much easier to clean a glass screen that’s been primed with heat. This is why it’s best to clean your shower door immediately after taking a hot shower. The humidity from your shower is going to loosen caked-on stains just enough to make your task much easier.

When cleaning, start cleaning at the exterior corners of the door to avoid dragging dirt from the center into the corners. This will make it much easier to do fine detailing with your cloth or sponge. It’s also important to gently dry the door using a soft cloth, microfiber towel or paper towel.

Maintenance is important for shower screen doors! If you’ve recently installed new glass shower doors, don’t assume that they don’t need attention just because they look smooth and sparkling. Keeping up with streaks and dirt using natural cleaning solutions will help you avoid major door rehab down the road.