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Best Built-In Oven Brands of 2022

baking with built in oven

A good oven means good meals at home, good entertaining and good kitchen aesthetics for years to come! Yes, the oven is the “heart” of the kitchen.

That’s why carefully and diligently picking out the right oven is so important. The good news is that you’ll find many great built-in ovens that feel like they were made just for your kitchen once you dig in to do some homework.

Shopping for the best built-in oven means balancing fancy new tech features that make cooking thrilling with the classic performance that delivers consistent results. Take a look at six impressive integrated ovens to consider for your kitchen!

1. Bosch Serie | 4 Integrated Oven Stainless Steel HBS534BS0B

Bosch electric oven

Bosch has done a magnificent job of creating an oven with a streamlined face and straight-bar handle that is deliciously understated for use in any kitchen. Things get even better once you start to look inside to discover a world of features. The standout detail of this Bosch model is its “3D Hotair” feature that delivers perfect results with help from optimal heat distribution.

Yes, you can actually bake sweet and savoury dishes at the same time without worrying about any flavour crossover. Bosch also did a really beautiful job of creating a red LED display control with easy-to-use time functions and effortless dials. It should be said that this is a “jumbo” oven with a 71-litre capacity.

While the cooking power of this oven is impressive, it’s just a part of the story. The EcoClean Direct feature means that almost no manual cleaning is necessary with this model! The interior of this oven is actually coated in a micro-fine ceramic film that essentially cleans itself.

Splatters actually break down as you bake or roast. Generally, doing “touch-up” cleans means gently wiping down residue that has already been softened. As a bonus, Bosch also throws in two slim-sized universal pans that work nicely in this oven. Here’s your rundown of specs for this impressive oven:

  • A class energy efficiency.
  • Five shelf positions.
  • EcoClean Direct
  • Full glass door.
  • Comes with two pans.
  • 71-liter capacity.
  • Dimensions are 595 x 594 x 548 (millimeters).
  • Weighs 33 kilograms.
  • Grilling and pizza functions.

2. Samsung Built-in Electric Oven With Dual Fan

Samsung electric built in oven

Samsung shows us that twin fans can cook food more evenly and perfectly with this oven model. In addition to an innovative twin-fan design, this model also impresses with a catalytic cleaning system that means your oven is always clean. Intrigued? Let’s dig in to see what else this oven is packing!

The dual fans on this Samsung model spin in opposite directions to spread heat evenly during the cooking process. That means that every dish you pop in is cooked at the same temperature and speed.

In addition, this system ensures that the oven’s interior reaches its target temperature faster and more efficiently than what you’re probably used to from ordinary ovens.

Next, let’s talk about the catalytic cleaning system in this oven. Samsung designed this model with a catalytic liner at the rear that absorbs grease spread from drips and splashes that happen when you’re cooking at high temperatures. What’s more, any residue that finds its way to your liner will oxidize.

This oven has an impressive 68-litre capacity that’s really nice when you’re cooking multiple dishes or tackling hosting duty because casserole dishes and cookie trays glide in smoothly! There’s a lot to love about an oven that delivers professional performance while fighting splatters on contact. Here’s your rundown of features:

  • Class A energy rating.
  • Dimensions are 595 x 595 x 566 (millimeters).
  • Weighs 32.6 kilograms.
  • 68-liter capacity.
  • Features a catalytic cleaning system for minimal messes.
  • Two shelves.

3. Beko Single Built-in Fan Oven BBAIF22300

Beko 72L integrated oven

With a 72-litre capacity, this is the model to know about if you’re looking for a jumbo oven. Beko powers this built-in model using a fan heating system that allows you to cook about 25 per cent more food than you would with a standard oven quickly and evenly every time!

One nice touch is that you can keep a close eye on your cooking progress without the need to pull down the door with help from a very visible and convenient LED timer.

The versatility offered by this oven is a real treat if you’re a chef with a few tricks up your sleeve. The settings allow for true fan cooking, fan grilling and defrosting. Beko even throws in a special, extra-large tray measuring in at 55 millilitres that’s great for baking cookies and roasting. Here’s the gist:

  • Yellow Class A energy rating.
  • Dimensions are 65 x 59 x 59 (L x W x H – in cm).
  • 72-liter volume.
  • Weighs 31 kilograms.
  • Two racks.
  • Self Steam Clean System

4. Neff N 50 Built-In Oven Stainless Steel B3ACE4HN0B

Built in oven by Neff

Feast your eyes on this slide-and-hide oven from Neff if you’re going for the high-tech option. The first wow factor to cover is an exclusive CircoTherm® system that uses a smart hot-air solution for simultaneous baking and roasting. This ingenious design uses targeted, high-speed airflow to keep dishes so juicy and full of flavour!

Get ready to fall in love with a clip-on rail system featuring telescopic rails that can be used on all shelf levels. The last wow factor to discuss is what can be considered a best-in-class LED/LCD oven display. You can easily spot the countdown from across the kitchen with this bold, bright display.

You’re also sure to appreciate how smoothly you can operate everything from the pull-down door to the ergo-friendly dials on this model. A wide, high-visibility door is also great for keeping an eye on what you’re cooking. Let’s run through the basics of this model:

  • Class A energy efficiency.
  • Dimensions are 595 x 594 x 548 (millimeters).
  • CircoTherm® feature allows you to cook three dishes at once.
  • Clip rails allow you to customize dish positioning.

5. AEG SenseCook Electric Oven With Pyroytic Cleaning


Imagine an oven that senses exactly how you want your dishes cooked. The idea won’t sound so crazy to you after you use the SenseCook from AEG. This innovative model uses a food sensor that measures the core temperature from the centre of your dish during the cooking process to deliver perfect results every single time!

It’s like having a professional chef working by your side without the need to crowd your kitchen! Also notable is the fact that this is the only oven with an energy rating of A+ on our list. You’re getting it all in a hefty, 71-litre capacity.

AEG gets a little fancy with this model. AEG’s Inclined FloodLightâ„¢ is especially positioned at the front of the oven to angle directly over your food to provide crisp, clear views of cooking progress.

There’s also a base-heat finishing feature that allows you to reheat delicate items like pies using just the bottom element. This oven’s pyrolytic cleaning function is really something else.

With this feature, all of the dirt, grease and residue that accumulates over the course of preparing dishes transforms into a fine ash that you can easily wipe away with just a damp sponge. That means no scrubbing, soaking or struggling.

The aspect of this oven that really pampers is its soft-closing door technology that ensures your door always closes softly and silently. It’s a very refreshing touch for anyone who hates the jarring sound of an oven door snapping shut when too much force is applied.

A special safe-to-the-touch design for the top door means that the outside of your oven door always stays cool to the touch. Lastly, a clear and highly visible LED display finalizes a very easy and intuitive cooking process with this built-in oven. Here’s a rundown of what you’re getting:

  • A+ energy rating.
  • Dimensions are 590 x 560 x 550 (millimeters).
  • 71-liter capacity.
  • “SenseCook” probe feature that determines cooking needs based on internal temperature.
  • Anti-fingerprint coating.
  • Ultra-easy electronic controls.

6. Russell Hobbs Built-In 65L Stainless Steel Electric Fan Oven

best russell hobbs buit-in oven

This Russell Hobbs electric model does a nice job of balancing the “trendy” look of an industrial kitchen with something that fits very nicely in a real home. First, you’re sure to be impressed by a 65-litre capacity encased in stunning stainless steel.

This is a real beauty in terms of being able to glide pans in nicely. This attractive silver and black built-in oven’s five functions are really nice for whipping between cooking styles. You’re also getting an integrated setup with dual shelves that makes it easy to cook several dishes at once.

The clean look of this oven is something that really deserves attention. A set of very understated knobs offers clear visibility and easy reach. A large handle allows for a nice grip when pulling down the door.

Of course, what you’ll probably like best is the way the oven lights allow you to keep an eye on the progress of what you’re cooking without the need to really peek inside. Another feature that earns this oven some points is an easy-clean interior that stays beautiful without massive scrubbing efforts.

Let’s do a rundown on the specs of this really lovely oven that will look at home in any kitchen:

  • Class A energy rating.
  • Product dimensions are 57.5 x 59.5 x 59.5 (centimeters).
  • Weighs 35 kilograms.
  • 65-liter capacity.
  • Stainless-steel body.
  • Ceramic burners.
  • Double shelves.

A Buying Guide for Built-In Ovens

If you’re in the market for a built-in oven, you should pencil in a little extra research time than you might if you were just looking for a freestanding oven. Built-in designs require a perfect fit both in terms of space and your personal preferences.

The complexity of installing one of these ovens means that you want something that you can truly live with for a lifetime. Are you wondering how to find the best built-in oven for your kitchen? Take a look at the key features and considerations to keep in mind when choosing a built-in oven.

Thinking About Placement

Placement is really everything when it comes to a built-in oven. In fact, you really should have placement all worked out before you begin shopping for a new built-in oven because certain models simply look better from particular angles.

Generally, the two options that you have when customizing a kitchen are to place your built-in oven at eye-level placement or under your counter. Don’t forget that you’ll also need to shop at the same time for a compatible or matching stovetop cooking hob.

The fact that you’ll need to purchase a separate cooker for stovetop cooking should also be taken into consideration when doing your price comparison between built-in and freestanding ovens.

Let’s Talk About Cleaning

As you can see from built-in oven reviews, there are several different paths to pursue when it comes to how your oven is cleaned. The two high-tech automatic cleaning functions available in higher-end ovens today are catalytic and pyrolytic.

With a pyrolytic cleaning system, you’re simply removing ash that collects on the floor of your oven after grease and residue are transformed at high temperatures. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to set time aside to activate pyrolytic cleaning when you’re not cooking. You’ll also need to pull out your racks for cleaning with this option.

Catalytic liners turn your oven into a self-cleaning machine. It’s important to know that you should never manually clean these liners because doing so can damage them. It’s also possible that your liners may need to be replaced at some point during the lifespan of your oven.

You may also find upper-tier ovens that use nano-cleaning technology that repels dirt in real-time during cooking by way of a special coating. The most common “cleaning” feature in modern built-in ovens is a wipe-clean enamel surface.

Generally, you’ll find that ovens that don’t appear to have any “fancy” cleaning options are still much easier to wipe clean with very little scrubbing than ovens from a few years ago.

An Eye on Special Functions

This is the category where you really need to sit down to do your homework about the various features offered by built-in ovens. It’s hard to do a true apples-to-apples comparison as far as features go because designs are so varied. Here’s a rundown of the big features to consider when shopping for your new oven:

  • Conventional, dual heating elements.
  • Varied fan distribution.
  • Pizza settings.
  • Pasta-bake settings.
  • Grilling functions.
  • Roasting settings.
  • Defrost settings.

While it can be overwhelming to weigh all of the available features, it’s important to keep in mind that features won’t make or break a design for most “everyday” chefs. Generally, a high-quality built-in oven should be able to cook all types of foods without any special settings for specific dishes.

However, you may find that it’s worth investing in an oven with some “superstar” settings and functions if you enjoy making pizzas or roasted vegetables that really benefit from specific heat settings.

Choosing Between Single and Double Ovens

When building a new kitchen, deciding between a single or double oven can be one of the biggest hurdles. The benefit of a built-in double oven is that you’ll generally have an oven that’s positioned right at eye level within your cabinetry.

Many people find this to be an ideal setting because it makes it easy to keep an eye on what’s baking. An eye-level oven is also preferred for easily getting dishes and trays in and out of the oven without straining. However, that doesn’t mean that a double oven is going to be the clear winner every time.

The benefit of single built-in ovens is that they are a little bit easier to work with when designing a new kitchen or upgrading an oven to an existing one. Generally, you’re getting more flexibility in terms of how you can position a single oven in relation to your cabinets because this style can fit under a cooking hob or at eye level. Singles are also much less expensive!


How easy is it to see inside an oven? This is a question that too few buyers ask before having new ovens dropped off in their kitchens. Being able to see your food easily while it’s cooking without the need to open the door is so important! Be sure to investigate the opaqueness of your door while vetting a possible selection.

Extra Touches to Consider

Anyone who has ever spent time in the kitchen knows that the little details can mean so much! A good oven is one that performs, offers intuitive controls and is easy to maintain. Here’s a rundown of questions to ask before committing to a built-in oven:

  • How easy is it to change the light inside the oven?
  • How frequently will you need to change the light inside the oven based on bulb type?
  • Can most common pan types be used in this oven?
  • How much will it cost to run an oven annually?
  • How much shelving is provided?
  • Is shelving flexible?
  • What is the cooking capacity?
  • How difficult is cleaning?
  • Can glass be removed during the cleaning process?

It’s also important to determine how important accessories are to you. Manufacturers are increasingly adding universal pans and baking trays that are designed to be perfectly compatible with ovens. What’s nice about these trays is that they can be used for both grilling and baking.

Another nice thing about having a pan that’s perfectly fitted to an oven is that it’s a nice default “catcher” for fat drippings.

Most ovens today also come with a wire rack for grilling. One feature that you might not see on very many ovens is the telescope runner. This is a really handy touch that you might not consider to be a big deal until you actually get to use an oven that offers it. Telescope runners make it easier to pull out and push in wire shelves.

Lastly, it’s worth checking to see if any of the ovens on your list of finalists feature temperature probes if you’re really into cooking meats. This chef’s tool is great for being able to check and record the core temperature of the meat without having to resort to the old-fashioned way.

The Final Dish: Choosing Your Perfect Built-In Oven

A little research makes it possible to find a built-in oven that fits into a very specific window for satisfying both your needs and budget. Generally, a built-in oven is going to be more expensive than a freestanding oven.

You can often still choose a premium oven for a price that won’t blow your kitchen-update budget out of the water by skipping some of the fancier features that won’t necessarily impact your ability to whip up your favourites.