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Best Integrated Double Ovens of 2022

cooking with built-in integrated double oven

For large households or those who cook for special occasions, a double oven is a game-changer over a single oven compartment. We’ve all been there, struggling for space when cooking Christmas dinner – a large turkey, roast potatoes, roast veg, Yorkshire pudding, and of course, there’s always that one person who dislikes turkey and wants roast beef instead. Trying cramming all that into a single oven.

Of course, the fact that a double oven is a bigger investment than most other kitchen appliances means that diligence is needed when shopping for the best built-in double oven. Fret not, our hand-picked feature-rich list of double ovens will take your baking, roasting, and grilling to the next level, with roominess and reliability.

1. The Bosch Serie | 4 Built-In Double Oven

Bosch Series 4 double oven built in

Bosch has created a top pick for optimal and even heat disruption with this model! The oven’s exclusive 3D Hotair function ensures optimal heat distribution simultaneously on up to three levels. Enjoy 60 centimetres of baking room to enjoy.

Let’s talk size. The top oven alone provides a 34-litre baking capacity. The main oven adds another 71 litres. You’re also getting five shelf positions.

While large, this oven isn’t complicated. A red LED display control makes it so easy to keep track of your countdown to readiness. You also don’t have to worry about investing time in cleaning your oven with this Bosch model. Instead, leave the cleaning to an exclusive EcoClean Direct system that utilizes a special coating to repel splatters and stains in real-time. Bosch even throws in the bonus of two slim universal pans. Here’s a rundown of the specs for this built-in double oven:

  • 105-liter capacity.
  • Straight bar handle.
  • Interior halogen light.
  • Ultra-fast preheating function.
  • Dimensions are 888 mm x 594 mm x 550 mm.
  • B energy rating.
  • Stainless steel.

2. Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel 89CM High Built-In Electric Fan Oven

russell hobs integrated double oven

Stylish and simple, this double oven packs tons of chef-friendly features! Its 110-litre capacity is split between a top oven with a 38-litre capacity and a bottom oven with a 72-litre capacity. Chefs enjoy tons of flexibility with help from a fan system, convection oven and double grill.

If you’re often feeling chaotic in the kitchen, you’ll appreciate this model’s convenient LED timer and programmable cooking preset. One of the more impressive features of this oven is a set of double-glazed glass doors that help to reduce cooking times by preserving cabin temperature. This double-oven also features an easy-clean interior that allows you to gently wipe away debris instead of scrubbing. Here’s a rundown of what this oven delivers:

  • 110-liter capacity.
  • Thin, attractive handle bars.
  • One deep pan.
  • One grill rack.
  • Dimensions are 88.5 cm x 56.3 cm x 55.0 cm.
  • A energy rating.
  • Stainless steel.

3. Beko Double Fan Oven With Grill

Enjoy a combined 86-litre capacity with an easy-clean interior and easy programming with this dynamic Beko double oven. Beko’s famed True Fan Cooking feature creates uniform, perfect heat to deliver top-tier cooking results that make everything you make taste as it came from a professional kitchen.

There’s also a grill feature that makes healthy cooking so easy during any season! This oven also has a defrosting feature that does beautiful work. Beko also throws in an ultra-deep baking/roasting tray.

Beko put every effort into making this oven a dream to clean. First, the interior is coated in a wipe-clean enamel that resists caked-on splatters. Next, Beko designed this oven with removable glass doors that slide out easily for cleaning.

Features like easy controls and a bright interior oven light just add to the easiness and joy of baking with this oven. Here are the stats for this double oven:

  • Easy cleaning from multiple angles.
  • 86-liter capacity.
  • Dimensions are 890 mm x 594 mm x 567 mm.
  • A energy rating.

4. Zanussi Electric Double Oven

Grill and bake simultaneously with two nice-sized cavities when you install this Zanussi double oven in your kitchen. Zanussi achieves even heat distribution using a ring element with this model. This is an “oven of the future” for a number of reasons.

First, busy and distracted chefs will appreciate the Set & Go function on this oven that allows you to program an end time for shutting off! There’s also a defrosting “assistant” that takes the guessing out of preparing meals.

Another area where this oven shines is its capacity for grilling and browning so perfectly. Everything from toast to skewers will come out just right in much less time than you’d expect. You’re also getting an interior coated in an easy-clean enamel.

Lastly, the fan-cooled double glazed door with heat-reflective glass has to be mentioned as one of the more thoughtful features of this design. Here’s a glance at the specs:

  • Wide, flat handle.
  • Easy-clean interior.
  • Main cavity is 111 liters.
  • Dimensions are 875 mm x 560 mm x 550 mm.
  • Stainless steel.
  • A energy rating.

5. Smeg uk Classic DOSP6390X

Smeg premium double ovens

Smeguk turns the concept of the double oven on its head with this model by placing the larger cavity on top of the smaller cavity. A beautiful brushed exterior and elegant knobs create an atheistic that marries a cosy kitchen with an industrial kitchen. Using thermo-ventilated heating, this oven allows for traditional baking and closed-door grilling. Static, grill and fan-assisted cooking are possible. In addition, the defrost feature on this oven is highly elegant.

A self-cleaning oven, this model uses a high-tech pyrolytic cleaning feature that allows for food debris to “evaporate” and burn off at higher temperatures. You can simply wipe away the debris that’s left like its ash. A 70-litre capacity for the top cavity paired with a 35-litre capacity on the bottom cavity creates 105 litres of cooking area in total. Smeguk includes a 40-mm enamelled tray, telescope guide rails and a grill mesh with this model. Let’s run through all the features:

  • 105-liter capacity.
  • Thermo-ventilated cooking.
  • Pyrolytic cleaning.
  • LCD display.
  • Halogen light.
  • A energy rating.
  • Dimensions are 884 x 597 x 570.
  • Stainless steel.

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A Buying Guide to Lead You to the Right Double Oven

roasting in twin oven cooker

It’s easy to be dazzled by the selection of built-in double ovens available today because this is a genre where quality reins. Oven manufacturers really pull out all of their best designs and features for their high-end double ovens. However, you’ll still need to do some work to figure out which model offers the space, features and functionality your kitchen requires! Take a look at the key points to have on your checklist when shopping for a built-in double oven!

Built-in Double Oven Capacity

Capacity is really the place to start when reviewing ovens. As you can see based on the ovens reviewed here, most offer a total capacity above 100 litres. This is considered a nice size for being able to cook several dishes at once.

However, you should examine how the individual capacities break down between the two cavities in each model. This is where your cooking habits are really going to come into play because some configurations may work better than others based on the dishes you often make simultaneously.

The average capacity for the main oven on a double oven is 62 litres. The average capacity for the smaller cavity is 35 litres.

Beyond Capacity: Double Oven Configuration

It can be easy to get so caught up in capacity that you ignore configuration. An oven’s layout and shelf positions actually greatly impact how much you’ll ultimately be able to fit into your oven. These two factors also impact the types of pans and trays you’ll be able to slide in. Just make sure you’re factoring in layout as you look at capacity to get the whole picture for an oven’s actual baking capacity.

Cleaning Features

The good news is that it’s rare to find a built-in double oven today that doesn’t have high-tech, ultra-convenient cleaning features. Most modern double ovens are self-cleaning ovens to some extent. You’ll need to decide which cleaning style is most appealing to you.

The most common and economical choice is an oven with interior enamel designed for “easy-wipe” cleaning. This basically means that splatters can hit the interior surface without becoming stuck.

For some people, pyrolytic cleaning that essentially eliminates the need to wipe down the oven’s interior is the “only” choice. If you’ve seen oven doors become ruined by lingering splatters in the past, a removable glass panel may be right up your alley.

Double Oven Timers and Controls

Timers and preset controls are everything if you routinely balance cooking with other chores. A number of built-in double ovens feature timers and presets that allow you to set a time for your oven to turn off. In addition to being convenient, this is a nice safety feature for distracted chefs.

Defrosting presets are also essential if you’re a big-haul shopper who likes to stock your freezer with meat that can be available when it’s time to come up with a meal plan.

Conventional or Fan-Assisted Heating? Some Thoughts on Cooking Style!

Do you want a conventional or fan-assisted double oven? It’s important to understand a little something about each before reaching a conclusion. With conventional cooking, you’re getting heat supplied from two heating elements located at the top and base.

The downside to this configuration is that it’s not completely uncommon to get hot and cold spots due to the fact that food placed near the top can heat up faster. However, conventional cooking really shines when you’re cooking certain dishes like casseroles or soufflés.

Fan-assisted cooking does a great job of distributing heat evenly. You can also often cook at lower temperatures with fan ovens because the air that is constantly moving within the cavity actually causes foods to cook faster.

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to choose between conventional and fan-assisted ovens when shopping specifically for double ovens. That’s because many models actually have a smaller cavity that operates as a conventional oven paired with a larger fan-fed cavity.

Oven Aesthetics

When shopping for a built-in double oven, the commitment you’re about to make is much deeper than it would be if you were shopping for a freestanding oven. You’re essentially building your kitchen around a double oven when you make the decision to install one. That means that you must pick something that can stay in your kitchen for a decade or more.

The first aesthetic point to consider is finishing. Generally, double ovens come in stainless steel finishes. However, there is often a little bit of freedom when it comes to choosing between traditional stainless steel, brushed stainless steel and black stainless steel. The second big decision point is the door handle. Generally, you’ll be choosing between a broad, flat handle and a thinner, rounded handle.

The style and positioning of knobs is also important consideration. You don’t want to choose knobs that contrast with other details in your kitchen like appliance knobs or cabinet pulls. Of course, some people really prefer the larger industrial-style knobs featured on some ovens. Other people prefer “hidden” buttons that are barely noticeable beside an LED display.

Extra Features

This is where shopping for the best built-in double oven can begin to feel like a whirlwind experience! Each manufacturer likes to put their own signature on their ovens by throwing in special accessories.

Generally, accessories shouldn’t really “make or break” an oven for you because they don’t actually impact performance. However, you can often see an oven’s full capabilities when you bake using a special pan or tray that is provided to work specifically with the cooking features of a specific model.

One of the most coveted add-on features is a set of telescoping rails. This little touch really helps to improve flexibility and manoeuvrability when you’re baking with heavy trays.

For some, this feature has little value. However, someone who regularly hosts holiday events that require lifting heavy roasting pans in and out of the oven many times might really value this accessory.

How Much Should a Built-in Double Oven Cost?

Yes, you can definitely get some sticker shock when you glance at the prices of built-in double ovens. This is where perspective can help. Generally, you’re getting nearly double the capacity of a regular oven without actually paying double the price.

Traditional single electric ovens range in price from about £300 to as much as £1,000. Quality, beautiful double ovens can often be found for between £300 and £500. Of course, there’s room to splurge if you’re ready to splash out whatever it takes to get a top-tier double oven.

High-end models can be found that exceed £1,000 – but this kind of expense is really not necessary.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Double Oven for Your Kitchen

Choosing a built-in double oven should really be looked at as choosing the personality you want your kitchen to convey. A big trend right now is a double oven that veers toward a professional, industrial look that you’d find in a restaurant kitchen.

The bottom line is that an oven needs to have the aesthetic appeal, total capacity, configuration and “smart” features that are in harmony with your everyday cooking habits.