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Best Artificial Grass for a Lush Green Garden

Best Artificial Grass buys

If you want a beautiful lawn all year round, artificial grass is the answer. It’s low-maintenance and doesn’t come with the dirt and grime that traditional grass does. It’s safe for kids and pets, and can really transform an outdoor space. These are 5 of the best artificial grass options available in the UK.

1. Tuda Grass Direct Premiere 40mm Pile Height Artificial Grass

Forget having to mow, water, and feed your lawn. This Tuda Grass Direct Premiere 40mm Pile Height Artificial Grass always looks great, and with absolutely no maintenance. It’s also very easy to install. It can be laid out on a variety of surfaces and only requires a few supplies for installation, including glue and a sharp knife for cutting and shaping it.

This artificial grass includes drainage holes, so the water doesn’t pool on the top of it. It’s also resistant to fading in the sun due to its superior UV protection. The 40mm thickness is ideal for a plush, comfortable feel when walking or sitting on it.

Youngsters and family pets are safe to play on it, as it’s free of lead and other harmful materials. If little Fido does have an accident on the artificial grass, it’s a cinch to clean. Simply spray it with a garden hose to remove any messes and it will look as good as new. It dries quickly so you don’t have to wait a long time to get back to enjoying your incredible lawn after cleaning it.


  • UV protected
  • Safe for kids 
  • Ideal grass for dogs and pets
  • Easy-to-clean and install


  • Gets very warm in the sun
  • Packaging isn’t very protective
  • Not as high-quality as thicker artificial grass

2. Toronto Range 30mm Fake Grass

30mm pile Toronto artificial grass

Toronto Range 30mm artificial grass from Forever Green Lawns gives a natural look due to its combination of both greens and browns. It looks like a lifelike freshly-cut spring lawn without all of the hassles of maintaining it. No more worrying about muddy floors because this artificial grass requires no dirt or sand to function properly.

Each artificial grass purchase is backed by a 10-year UV warranty, so it’s guaranteed to look beautiful and vibrant for at least that long. You won’t have to worry about the hot summer heat leaving your grass brown and discoloured because the perfectly dispersed colours can withstand even the brightest sun. The grass is also flame-retardant and contains no harmful chemicals, so it’s safe for pets and children to play on. They’ll love playing on it, too, because it’s nice and soft. This non-toxic product comes with both quality control and environmental management certificate, so you know it’s safe for the whole family to enjoy.

It can be installed in several different ways and doesn’t require sand underneath- although it’s recommended for certain surfaces. With just a few tools, your lawn can be easily installed.


  • 10-year UV warranty
  • Quality and environmental management certificate
  • Dense grass with a natural look


  • Not as thick as some other products
  • Only sold in 25-meter increments
  • Requires specific tools to install

3. Linden 37mm Artificial Grass Review

If you’re looking for an affordable artificial lawn that still feels plush and looks amazing, this Linden 37mm Range from Carefree fake Grass is the perfect solution. It’s built to withstand any type of weather, includes pre-punched holes for drainage, and is available from B&Q where they will cut your grass to your required size.

Never worry about a flooded lawn again with this well-drilled artificial grass that allows water to drain quickly, leaving your lawn nicely dry and ready to use. This also makes it easy to clean up any messes that may occur from kids or pets. If a rainstorm doesn’t do the trick, a quick spray with a hose will have your lawn looking brand-new again.

This realistic grass looks more natural because three different tones are used to create it. This gives it the appearance of a well-cared-for summer lawn, without all of the hassle and maintenance. It’s also UV protected so the vibrant greens last.

If the product is not installed in an area that gets a lot of sunlight, some moss development may occur. This can be avoided by treating with an ant-moss treatment periodically. You can also install the product in an area that’s exposed to direct sunlight so that water dries quickly.


  • Pre-punched drainage holes
  • Easy to cleanup messes from kids and pets
  • Tri-colour material looks natural


  • Mid-range quality
  • Time-consuming to install
  • May require periodic anti-moss treatments

4. SUMC Realistic Artificial Grass Mat 30mm

Although not as thick as some of the other options listed here, this SUMC Artificial Grass Mat 30mm still offers many of the same benefits at a very reasonable price. It’s pre-drilled with drainage holes so you can rest assured that your beautiful realistic artificial lawn won’t flood or become damaged in the rain.

Each artificial grass purchase is backed by a 90-day return policy, and all of the grass goes through a very thorough inspection process to ensure it means all quality control standards.

It can be placed virtually anywhere- by a pool, in a garden, near a playground- or anywhere else you need a soft, padded area to play or relax outdoors. It’s easy to clean and can be washed with water whenever necessary. This makes it perfect for areas where pets and kids congregate since they tend to get rather messy.

All of the grass is free of lead and other harmful materials. It’s treated with a UV protector so that it can withstand years of sun and heat before it needs replacing. It has a natural-looking colour that gives the appearance of a beautiful lawn without all of the work and hassle.


  • Strict quality-control standards
  • Treated with a UV protector
  • Doesn’t track mud inside


  • Thinner than some other options
  • Bright green colour
  • Latex backing tends to crack over time

5. Greengrocers 30mm Synthetic Grass Mat

Bright and vibrant, Greengrocers 30 mm Artificial Grass Mat is a great alternative if you want the look and feel of grass without the upkeep. Its 30mm length is ideal for any area, big or small. You can place it in a garden, around a deck or pool, or even over an entire backyard.

Since it’s an affordable option, you can outfit your entire backyard for less and have a beautiful lawn that looks like it was freshly manicured that day. The artificial grass mat comes with a sturdy, double-layer backing that’s pre-drilled for drainage so you never have to worry about a flooded backyard.

You don’t have to be afraid of the rain anymore, as this artificial grass is not just safe in the rain, but the rain helps to keep it clean. If you need to clean up a mess and there’s no rain in sight, simply wash the mess away with a garden hose. The best part is, no mud will be tracked in on your clean floors after a rainstorm.

All of the materials used are safe for kids and pets to play on. The whole family can enjoy this gorgeous artificial grass year-round, and with little to no maintenance.


  • Bright green colour tones
  • Pre-drilled drainage backing
  • Easy-to-clean material


  • Sunlight exposure may cause fading
  • Not flame-resistant
  • Product requires flattening

Whether you live in a home that doesn’t have grass, or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining a lawn, artificial grass is an excellent alternative. It’s easy to install and the maintenance required to keep it looking beautiful is minimal. It’s an affordable way to beautify your yard.

Artificial Grass Buying Advice

Before you purchase artificial grass, it’s important to know how to install and maintain it properly. This will ensure you get the most out of your investment so that it continues to look as beautiful as the day you bought it for years to come.

Comparing synthetic turfs can be tricky if you look at the technical datasheets for each. The depth, the weight, the number of tufts, with or without UV protection, density, etc.

Samples are an effective way to choose the type of grass. If samples aren’t available, try to get a look at them in showrooms, retail stores, or garden centres. But, in most cases, the only way to choose properly is by viewing in real life. 

Here are some tips when comparing your samples:

  • Straighten the strands of the samples.
  • Put them on the ground, take a step back and check the pile from different angles
  • Place them outside, in the sun and then in the shade.


The thicker the artificial grass, the plusher the fibres look and feel. You can determine the thickness of artificial grass by paying attention to the length of the material and the number of fibres per square inch. Generally speaking, longer fibres have a thicker, more realistic appearance. 

Artificial turf that has longer fibres works best in areas that are used frequently, like a playground or around a decking. Gardens or around a pond don’t need as long of a blade because they aren’t walked on as often. Thicker grass may be more expensive, but it lasts longer and looks more realistic.

Short or thick synthetic turf: each type has its own specificities. Cheap fake grasses are often the shortest and least like real grass. High-end fake turf is often thicker, has a more natural look, with greater durability.

Here are our recommendations based on the most common uses:

Garden artificial grass For fake lawn: On large surfaces (>35m²), a lawn that is too short will have a “carpet” effect. Generally, here we favour aesthetics and quality models greater than 40mm high.

Around pools or ponds: The synthetic artificial grass products on the market are, for the most part, compatible with the proximity of water. For this type of use, we are rather looking for comfort, because this area will be trodden barefoot. Just like the garden, wear your choice on fibres strands from 40mm.

Fake grass for terrace: A zone of passage, therefore, frequently trampled with foot traffic. Even if a thick model can be easily installed, for comfort and realism, we recommend lawns between 20 and 35 mm, as more resistant to settling and easy to maintain.

Balcony artificial grass: Just like the terrace, grass of 20 to 35 mm is recommended for a balcony size. The choice of short strands will make it easier to move furniture, increase resistance to settling and simplify cleaning.

What you should keep in mind:

  • Medium and large surfaces, opt for realism: From 40mm. high, you will have a “natural effect”.
  • Small surfaces, opt for practicality: Between 20 and 35mm. high, you will get a clean and practical surface.

Artificial Grass Colour

The colour of synthetic grass can vary greatly, from a bright, summer green to a more muted, brown/green blend that’s reminiscent of spring. The colour you choose depends on your own personal preference, although artificial grass that includes two or more colours looks more natural.

A natural appearance is ideal for when you’re filling up an entire yard with artificial grass. It also looks better in garden areas, where appearance matters. Areas that aren’t seen as much, such as around pools, decks, or playgrounds, don’t necessarily need an aesthetically-pleasing colour, which may be more budget-friendly.

Installing Fake Grass

If you are up for installing artificial grass yourself, it’s important to know how to install it properly so that it looks great and lasts a long time. Most artificial grass can be installed easily, with just a few simple tools.

It’s important to follow the manufacturers instructions when installing artificial grass. Some grass may require levelling of the ground with sand to be performed before it can be laid down. Most artificial grass will require the use of tape or glue to keep it in place. The grass will look more natural as it’s walked on.


Artificial grass is low-maintenance, but there are still rules that need to be followed to keep it looking beautiful. Any messes can be washed away with rainwater or a garden hose. This includes pet messes that may occur.

Any dirt or debris can be removed with a bristled broom or brush. Removing dirt and debris regularly is important to keep the grass from developing a dingy colour. Leaves and twigs can be removed with a leaf blower, but larger branches will need to be removed by hand. Proper maintenance will extend the life of your lawn.

Other Considerations

Weeds can still develop underneath artificial grass, so you should apply a weed-control fabric prior to laying it out. Installing sand underneath the artificial grass first can help prevent the development of weeds, and it also gives your lawn a softer feel.

Artificial grass that is treated with a UV protector helps ensure the colour stays vibrant for a long time. Sunlight can cause the colour to fade over time, if not treated. Treatment with a flame-retardant is also ideal if you plan on having bonfires, grilling, or live in an area that’s hot and dry.

1. Carefully measure the area to be covered

To save on your final budget by minimizing waste, we recommend that you carefully measure the surface you want to cover.

The area of ​​grass you are going to order will always be greater than the area you wish to cover. Off-cuts are completely normal.

2. Record your measurements

After measuring the area you want to cover with synthetic turf, write your measurements on paper and draw a scale plan.  All your measurements must be reported accurately. 

If you master metering techniques, or if your land has an “easy” shape to reproduce (rectangular surface or mainly composed of straight lines), you will have no great difficulty in drawing your plan to scale and calculating the amount of fake grass that will be useful to you.

If, on the contrary, your land has more curves, you will have to use a more advanced method to estimate your needs as accurately as possible. The so-called “optical square” method.

3. Determine “a laying strategy” for a natural grass look

Now that you have a scale plan of the surface to be treated, you will be able to determine:

  • The starting point
  • The direction of laying
  • The width and length of the rolls to order (2 or 4 meters)

Our advice :

Start on a straight edge, with a long length in one piece. Align yourself on a wall or a terrace, for example.
Consider only large obstacles (no need to represent the location of trees and other small obstacles).

4. Choose the most suitable formula

The first two steps may seem tedious, but they will save you valuable time by determining several crucial points beforehand:

  • The amount of synthetic turf needed.
  • The number of essential accessories

5. A few additional tips for calculating your lawn needs as accurately as possible

Provide a small percentage of additional synthetic turf to ensure the replacement of a damaged piece, compensate for any errors in cutting, measurement, etc.

Consider scraps that can be used to cover another area. Think about the handling of your rolls, bearing in mind that a 4-meter roll is heavy and bulky. 

6. Essential products for laying your synthetic turf

Before placing your order for artificial turf and the accessories necessary for installation, here is the list of supplies you cannot do without, whatever the type of ground to be covered:

  • A utility knife with several new blades.
  • One or more rolls of pre-glued junction strips. To know your needs: add the lengths of all the fittings that you have identified on your plan.

In the case of installation on soft ground:

The area needed will be slightly larger than the synthetic turf area ordered since your lengths laid and stretched on the ground must overlap by 10 cm in width.

Framing nails. The turf is fixed only on the periphery. Measure the outside edge of your lawn and plant a nail every 40cm. Estimate the number of nails needed: