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Best American Fridge Freezers Under £1000

american fridge freezer 1000

Are you sick of constantly digging through your overpacked refrigerator looking for tonight’s dinner ingredients? With more space than a traditional refrigerator, American fridge freezers allow you to pack in more groceries while still keeping them organized and easily accessible. With all that extra space, maybe you could even grocery shop less often. Who wouldn’t love that?

But with so many options to choose from, purchasing a new American fridge freezer can feel overwhelming. Whether you want a 2-door style or a multi-door model, our list of the best American fridge freezers to buy online in the UK, and our handy buying guide will set you up with the perfect pick for lifestyle and home.

1. Russell Hobbs American Style Freestanding Fridge Freezer

American Style Freestanding fridge and freezer

Another side-by-side with stylish simplicity is the Russell Hobbs American Style Fridge Freezer. This stylish refrigerator, much like the Samsung model, has a smooth design and clean appearance. Available in a cool and classic black finish and brushed silver handles, it will seamlessly coordinate with your kitchen’s overall design.

It features a convenient exterior water dispenser and interior ice trays with twist handles for easy ice removal. With no cold spots, thanks to the no-frost feature, all of your groceries are kept at an optimal temperature to ensure freshness. The hard-working, but quiet, 43dBA motor will keep your food perfectly crisp without you even knowing that it’s running.

Boasting a 513-litre capacity, the second largest on our list, the spacious refrigerator has 4 shelves, 4 door compartments, 2 drawers and a wine rack to keep your favourite bottles chilled. The freezer has 5 door compartments and another two drawers with ample space to keep your food safely chilled. With an A+ energy rating, you can rest easy knowing your food will stay fresh and your energy bills will stay reasonable.

3. Haier Side-By-Side HRF-522IG6 American Fridge Freezer Review


A no-frills American fridge freezer, the Haier Side-by-Side refrigerator will fit most any kitchen design aesthetic with ease. An integrated handle adds to its clean, minimal look and the silver colour will look great with your other appliances. This A+ energy rated fridge freezer offers convenient features both on the exterior and on the interior.

On the outside, the modern and sleek digital display allows you to control the temperature for both the fridge and the freezer. It also offers a convenient holiday mode, to help you save energy and keep food fresh while you’re away. A quick press of a lever and you’ll have a glass of ice water from the convenient exterior water dispenser.

Inside, the innovative Fresher Techs technologies keep your food fresher and crisper longer by regulating the temperatures for always even, always optimal cooling. Earning an A+ energy rating and using up to 23.6% less energy than A-rated fridge freezers, the Haier Side-by-Side has helpful No-Frost technology and Fresher Shield to keep warm air from entering your freezer saving you from wasted energy. An LED light, also energy saving compared to most refrigerator lights, gives a bright and clean look to the interior, making it easy to find the ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

4. Fridgemaster MQ79394FFB – Multi door American Fridge Freezer


A very affordable 4-door model, the Fridgemaster Multi-door American Fridge Freezer has a unique layout and design. Unlike the 2-door side-by-side models, the freezer is located on the bottom. Though it still features a convenient French door style opening, many will prefer the wide space of the fridge on the top and the freezer underneath.

A narrow width of just 79.4 cm, this compact fridge freezer will fit smaller kitchens with ease, while still boasting enough room for 21 bags of groceries. But its small size leaves nothing lacking in the function department. An inverter compressor makes this quiet machine long-lasting and durable while also saving you on energy costs, earning it an A+ energy rating.

Its no-frost technology keeps your fridge and freezer both from forming ice on the interior or frost on your foods and the available humidity-controlled drawers keep fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh. With the lowest price tag on our list, this small but mighty refrigerator is a perfect pick for small kitchens with the need for a hard-working and reliable fridge freezer.

5. Samsung RS3000 American Fridge Freezer

RS3000 plumbed american fridge freezer

A simple and stylish side-by-side refrigerator, the Samsung RS3000 features a sleek design with flat doors and a clean appearance. Don’t let its minimalist look fool you though, this fridge freezer comes packed with features. A no-frost design and All-Around Cooling system with specially placed vents keep your foods fresh and evenly chilled without frost buildup or cold spots. The exterior includes a convenient filtered water and ice cube dispenser (Plumbed from mains water supply) and separate temperature controls for both the refrigerator and freezer on an easy to use digital display.

In the freezer, an impressive Power Freeze feature quickly lowers the temperature when new items have been added, keeping food frozen and fresh. Four refrigerator shelves and two drawers give you plenty of room for produce and dairy, while the freezer has plenty of space for perishables with three shelves and 2 additional drawers.

Receiving an A+ energy rating and running at a quiet 43dBA, its Digital Inverter Compressor, unlike traditional compressors, varies its power and running speed based on how much cooling power is needed, resulting in a long-lasting, quiet, and energy-efficient appliance.

A wine rack, egg compartment, door storage, and vacation mode round out this reliable refrigerator’s list of features. All this from a top tech brand and price under £1,000 from most retailers.

5. Hoover H-FRIDGE 700 MAXI HFDN 180 UK

Hoover-american style

Another 4-door style fridge freezer from a trusted brand in appliances, the Hoover H-Fridge 700 Maxi offers the features and durability you’d expect from any Hoover product. With an A+ energy rating, it keeps your perishables fresh and crisp without running up your monthly utilities. With a clean, white exterior and a spacious 2-door fridge located above a separate 2-door freezer, this smartly designed fridge freezer offers loads of space without taking up too much room in your kitchen.

The fridge interior features 5 salad drawers, an egg rack, and ample space for your groceries, and the freezer has 6 organizational drawers. The exterior has a modern digital display to keep your refrigerator running at the optimal temperature for long-lasting freshness. Hard-working jets on the no-frost panel evenly distribute cool air, resulting in no cold spots and no frost buildup. A long-lasting and practical fridge freezer, this trusted appliance from a well-known brand is sure to impress.

We’ve covered our favourite American Fridge Freezers and explained all of their convenient features. But what should you look for when you’re ready to make your own refrigerator purchase? Use our handy buying guide to help you choose the right model for your kitchen.

6. Best Non Plumbed American Fridge Freezer: LG InstaView Door-in-Door™ GSX960NSVZ

LG-American-Fridge-Freezer glass door

Ok, we said we would keep this list of American Fridge Freezers priced under £1000, and we’ve done just that. But we had to show you this amazing LG American style fridge freezer with a knock-on glass door. Yes, it’s more than £1,000, but if you’re looking for something extra special that is worth going over budget, this non-plumbed feature-packed appliance is a must-have.

Built by a well-known premium appliance brand, the LG InstaView Door-in-Door™ American Style Fridge Freezer has it all. Though it comes with the highest price tag on our list, it also has the most bells and whistles.

Its InstaView Door-in-Door feature allows you to knock twice on the refrigerator door to illuminate the interior, saving energy by allowing you to see the contents without having to open the door. It’s no wonder this impressive model was awarded an A++ energy rating.

The largest capacity fridge freezer on our list, even larger than the Russell Hobbs model above, at 601 litres, this refrigerator can hold as many groceries as you need and its LINEARCooling™ with constant temperature control will keep all of it fresher for longer.

No need to worry about strategically putting groceries away, either. LG’s DoorCooling provides an even temperature throughout the entire fridge so items in the door shelves stay just as cold as items in the back of the shelving units. Plus, the Pure N Fresh deodorizer keeps your fridge smelling fresh and clean with an air purification system.

The LG InstaView also connects to your smartphone and your GoogleHome or Alexa device, allowing you to control and monitor your fridge from anywhere, inside your home or out.

It has a superb water and ice dispenser that’s built-in behind the door and is one of the best American fridge freezers that doesn’t need plumbing.

American Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

Capacity and Size

A fridge freezer’s capacity is going to largely depend on the overall size of the appliance. The bigger the model, the more capacity. While you will find some smartly designed refrigerators that break this rule and offer ample space in a smaller package, for the most part, you need to focus on what size will fit in your kitchen and worry about capacity later.

The capacity will range from, on average, 275 litres to 500 litres with the largest models providing 600 litres or more of space. The technical specs, which you can find online for most models, will provide you with both gross capacity and net capacity. You’ll want to focus on net capacity as that is the capacity available when you take into account the fridge’s organizational features, like shelves and drawers.

Our tip: Measure your space. And then measure again. Consider where the doors will open and ensure there is enough room. Only after you’ve measured (twice) should you start worrying about capacity. Find a fridge that fits your space and then narrows your choices down to the models with the most net capacity.

Door Style and Layout

Most side by side fridge freezers come in two different door styles. The first, is a simple and easy to manoeuvre 2-door style with the refrigerator next to the freezer. The second is a unique multi-door style that offers the same convenience as a 2-door, but with the freezer settled underneath the refrigerator.

Our tip: From the models on our list of favourites, the models with the multi-door, bottom freezer layout do have a smaller freezer and overall capacity. Take that into consideration if you freeze a lot of food for your family.

American fridge Freezer Energy Ratings

American fridge freezers come with an energy rating of A+++ to D. The higher the grade, the more energy-efficient your refrigerator will be. Energy usage is measured in kWh per year. The lower the number, the less energy you’ll be using every day and that means the less you’ll spend out of pocket on energy costs.

Our tip: As with most major appliances, a high energy rating will pay off in the long run. Even the most affordable model on our favourites list above has an A+ energy rating. Don’t go much lower or you’ll run the risk of paying for wasted energy on your monthly bill.

Organization Features

You may have noticed many of the fridge freezer size specs list a gross capacity and a net capacity. The gross capacity includes the entire refrigerated area, while the net capacity is the amount of space available to store actual food and drink. The difference in space is largely taken up by the necessary organizational features like shelves, door racks, and drawers. Also worth noting, the handy water dispenser will take up some of your interior room, but if you like cold water with the press of a lever, it’s very worth the small loss of space.

Most refrigerators come with two crisper drawers for fruits and vegetables, 4 to 5 shelves for the bulk of your groceries, and then shallow door racks to hold various bottles of items you’ll probably let expire. Egg containers and wine racks are additional convenient organizers that help you make the most out of your cooking space. You’ll usually find the same number of shelves and drawers in the freezer, though they will likely be slightly narrower in size.

Our tip: Look for adjustable shelves and racks to customize your storage space and best fit your needs.

Extra Features

American fridge freezers have additional features that make them a beloved staple in your family’s kitchen. Below are some extras that take a fridge from functional to fancy.

Water & Ice Dispenser – A favourite function of most American fridge freezers. Pour yourself a glass of ice-cold water simply by lightly pressing a simple lever.

Connectivity – Like the LG model we love, some refrigerators can connect wirelessly to your smartphone or smart home device. You can control and monitor your fridge from anywhere.

Interior View Technology – Another feature from the LG listed above, some high-end fridge freezers have an interior door window allowing you to see what’s inside just by knocking. No need to open the fridge and waste energy to see what you can snack on.

Vacation/Holiday Mode – Refrigerators are some of the hardest working appliances in our homes, but you may not need them to work double duty while you’re away.

Vacation modes on select models will essentially turn off the refrigerator while you’re away but keep your freezer food safely cooled. This saves on wasted energy and in turn, saves on your power bill.