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Best Ironing Boards for Steam Irons in 2022

ironing with top ironing board

Let’s face it: for most of us, ironing clothes is a bit of a chore, like taking out the rubbish or washing up. But, as with any job, the right tools go a long way toward making the task at hand faster and easier.

A high-quality iron is, of course, essential – but so, too, is a good ironing board. Skimp on either, and results will be substandard.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the large selection of ironing boards?

Don’t worry – our guide to buying the best ironing board will help you pick the perfect companion for your iron.

Top 5 Ironing Boards of 2022

An ironing board is, at its core, a flat surface atop a pair of folding legs. But it’s also more. Shape, height, size, material, overall quality and extra features differentiate one model from the next.

Following are our five most recommended ironing board reviews, listed in order of best choice first.

1. Minky Ergo Ironing Board Review

Minky best brand Ironing Board

Also from Minky, the Ergo ironing board provides a number of significant upgrades for a modest increase in price. It’s the perfect partner for your premium steam iron for professional ironing at home.

Like the Minky Expert, the Ergo features a four-legged, horizontally braced design, that is height-adjustable up to 92 cm.

A cap on the bottom of each leg protects floors, while the tapered shape of the caps provides better purchase on the plush carpet.

Like other Minky ironing boards, the Ergo has a large surface area of 122 cm x 38 cm, making it suitable for ironing skirts, trousers, shirts and more. Compact ironing boards are cute, but for anything larger than a t-shirt, we prefer the larger size of the Minky Ergo.

At the wide, shoulder-end of the board is the Ergo rest – a rectangular, round-cornered frame with a central, supporting piece on which iron can be placed – face-down and handle-up, of course.

The Ergo rest is well-designed, allowing for right- and left-handed use. Because the iron rests at an angle, setting it down and picking it up is intuitive and comfortable, reducing arm strain during extended use.

An integrated rest such as this one is vastly safer than, and preferable to, leaving a hot iron on the board, or face-out on a nearby surface.

Another feature that’s both functional and ergonomic – the two usually go hand-in-hand – is Minky’s Flex Guide.

Simple in appearance, this clever, side-mounted bracket keeps the iron cord partially suspended, preventing dragging and tangling. As you move, the cord moves with you.

Overtop the steel mesh ironing surface is a so-called Prozone cover – it’s made from absorbent, 100-per cent cotton, and features a unique, metallic coating that reflects heat. The idea behind this design is faster ironing and crease removal through heat reflectivity.

Minky Ergo Pros and Cons


  • Made in the UK by Minky, a decades-long leader in laundry hardware.
  • Reasonably priced – offers a variety of useful features for about £40.
  • Sturdy, four-legged design.
  • Height-adjustable up to 92 cm -comfortable for even tall users.
  • Generously sized ironing surface makes steaming and pressing a variety of garments, from large to small, a breeze.
  • Ambidextrous Ergo Rest keeps hot iron safely out of the way when not in use, while Flex Guide cord holder reduces cord tugging and tangling.
  • Prozone cover reflects heat for faster ironing and crease removal.


  • Logo is affixed to ironing board surface—albeit impermanently, but it should be removed before using the board.
  • The included cover, while innovative in design, could fit a bit more snugly.
  • Occasional quality control issues. The Minky Ergo has high overall user satisfaction, but there are reports of the odd unit being shipped with missing or loose components.

2. Brabantia Ironing Board with Heat Resistant Parking Zone

Brabantia Ironing Board with Heat Resistant Parking Zone

Brabantia’s full-size model is a no-nonsense board, free of external attachments and made to do one thing well: help keep clothing wrinkle-free. Let’s talk about why this is 2022’s best ironing board buy.

There are only two folding legs – not four – but each leg has a broad, horizontal bar that provides a wide area of contact with the floor.

All four legends are capped with a non-slip material, while the substantial weight further helps prevent slippage.

This is not what we’d call a lightweight ironing board – it isn’t for everyone – but the extra heft is reassuring.

The Brabantia ironing board is adjustable, from 61 cm to 102 cm – a range that accommodates users of almost any height when used seated or standing.

Durable, 35 mm diameter steel legs ensure that the long, broad ironing surface is well-supported from below, and a memory feature returns the board to your preferred open position.

If you have a bad back, are chair-bound or otherwise unable to stand, the Brabantia is a great choice.

You’ll find two integrated locks – a child safety lock that prevents accidental closure of the board, and a transport lock to keep the board folded shut. An additional, safety-minded feature is the heat-resistant parking zone.

Absent is an external rest on which to place an iron. Instead, a large portion of the shoulder-end of the board is used. This is a bit of a tradeoff – on the one hand, it decreases the usable area – but on the other, it’s one less part to break or go missing, and is more aesthetically pleasing.

Brabantia Ironing Board Pros and Cons


  • Oversized surface makes it easy to iron even large clothes and sheets.
  • Wide legs, non-slip caps, durable steel construction and heavier weight make for a sturdy board that’s unlikely to wobble on any surface.
  • Broad range of height-adjustability and asymmetric design for comfortable seated or standing operation.
  • Child and transport locks keep the legs from accidentally closing or opening.
  • Heat-resistant area provides a convenient location to park a hot iron.


  • Pricier than many ironing boards.
  • Cushioning foam not included with replacement cover.
  • Asymmetric design is ideal for for right-handed users, but not reversible to accommodate those who are left-handed.

3. Minky Expert Ironing Board

Minky apollo ironing board

Produced by Minky – a long-established, UK-based manufacturer of laundry hardware and textiles—the most economical of 2022’s best ironing boards provides a professional experience green and grey leafy design, at a price that almost anyone can afford.

Four sturdy, horizontally braced legs with capped ends—to reduce slippage and prevent marring—can be adjusted with a lever mechanism to a height of 96 cm. That puts the Minky Expert ironing board at a comfortable level for the majority of users—a fact appreciated by those approaching six feet tall, whose backs ache at the mere thought of prolonged bending.

The generous surface proportions of this ironing board (122 cm x 38 cm) allow garments—even long trousers and shirt sleeves—to be pressed efficiently, without the constant shifting around of clothing that a smaller board necessitates.

A Steam Safe angled rest, located at the broad end of the board, is an excellent safety feature. Comprising a heatproof plate and highly heat-resistant silicone grommets, the angled rest provides a large space on which to safely store a hot steam iron when not in use. We appreciate this feature—steam can cause a nasty burn, and it’s all too easy to make accidental contact with the business end of iron while repositioning a garment.

Under the hood—so to speak—you’ll find steel, mesh panel, topped by a foam-backed, fabric cover. The combination of fabric, foam and steel mesh allows steam to pass through, removing wrinkles and safely venting out from the underside of the board.

Minky Expert Ironing Board Pros and Cons


  • At just under £30 from many online stores, the UK-manufactured Minky Expert is locally produced and affordably priced.
  • Can be raised up to 96 cm—great for users of almost any height.
  • Lightweight—easy to fold, unfold, move and transport.
  • Steam Safe holder keeps hot irons safely out of the way, significantly reducing the risk of burns.


  • Included mesh cover could be thicker and of higher quality – some users report replacing it.
  • May be too lightweight for some – on certain surfaces, a bit of added weight would give greater stability.


brabantia steam generator ironing board

Powerful premium Steam generator irons offer more pressurized steam by means of a boiler tank. But this creates a problem as standard ironing boards are only made to hold a single iron.

The Brabantia Size B has a large sturdy rest for the iron and works equally well as a right or left-handed ironing board. It also has an optimally positioned rack for the steam generator tank to sit securely underneath.

Brabantia is a trusted UK manufacturer that has produced a great range of quality ironing boards and has been a laundry specialist since 1941.

Years of expertise and refinement has gone into a strong, sturdy, heat reflective ironing board that’s designed specifically for use with a steam generator iron.

5. Tabletop Ironing Board: Leifheit Air Board Compact Table for Steam Irons

tabletop ironing board Leifheit

Maybe you don’t have a lot of cupboard space to work within your home, don’t have large laundry loads, or want a smaller ironing board for a caravan.

A compact tabletop ironing board is the perfect solution for this condition, and we’ve found the best compact ironing board for you.

The Leifheit Air Board is a small, but sturdy ironing board that weighs less than 1kg and boasts over 30% quicker ironing because of its Thermo-Reflect coating.

It’s a solid space-saving ironing board with a titanium element that reflects steam and heat, resulting in a double-sided ironing effect, making quick work of tough creases.

How to Choose the Best Ironing Board UK

Rigid societal norms that once dictated an excessive formality of dress have long since dissolved.

Pressed trousers, stiff shirts and starched collars now stand out amidst a sea of denim jeans, cotton t-shirts and modern athletic wear.

Nonetheless, certain professions, occasions—and simply personal taste—demand the firm application of iron to smooth away wrinkles and present clothing at its finest.

Keep reading, soon you’ll be steamed, pressed, and be dressed to impress.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first ironing board, or want to replace the one you already have, here’s everything you need to know.

Types of Ironing Boards

There exist three types of ironing board: portable, wall-mounted and tabletop. The first is ideal for most users – portable ironing boards fold up to save space, can be moved from room to room, and are suitable for daily, domestic use.

Wall-mounted ironing boards swing down from a wall (like a wallbed), while tabletop ironing boards – often compact in size – are placed on a raised table.

Despite their lightweight and low cost, we don’t recommend tabletop ironing boards for regular use. Portable ironing boards are the most versatile.

Is Bigger Always Better?

If your home is small, a full-size ironing board may not be your first choice – but hang on, because portable ironing boards fold away when not in use. Unless a room is especially cramped, it’s best to opt for a board that can accommodate your longest and widest garments.

Additionally, a larger ironing board can do more, allowing you to press sheets, table covers and drapery, too. Ironing several trousers and a week’s worth of shirts – never-mind your living room curtains – on a half-size ironing board is an exercise in frustration.

How Low (or High) Can You Go?

Whether you’re short, tall, or somewhere in between, look for an adjustable ironing board that can be raised and lowered to suit your height and the length of your limbs.

Some portable ironing boards offer universal adjustment, while others feature a ratcheting mechanism that can be less precisely adjusted to a variety of heights.

Ironing is a repetitive activity, and using a board that’s too low or high will result in a sore back, tired shoulders or cramped elbows.

Solid vs. Mesh Platforms

Our general preference is for ironing boards with a mesh platform. The open pattern allows steam and excess heat to escape.

A solid platform eliminates the risk of a pattern being imprinted on clothing, but so, too, does an adequately thick cover placed over steel mesh.

Are Four Ironing Board Legs Better than Two?

The answer is, it depends. Some ironing boards have two legs; others have four – but what matters is how much support those legs provide. Many two-legged ironing boards have horizontal bracing to add stability without weight.

Two-legged ironing boards still have four feet, but with a wide, horizontal tube on the bottom of each leg. This provides full contact with the floor and excellent stability.

On the note of feet, it’s important that they’re capped with durable plastic or rubber, to help prevent the board from shifting, and to protect your floor against being scratched.

Which Material is Best?

The best ironing boards are constructed from steel. This indispensable material is tough, affordable, and when painted, highly resistant to corrosion.

Aluminium, though lighter in weight, doesn’t stand up as well to accidental dings and drops, and wood, while attractive, is heavy and prone to burning.

Choose an ironing board made from steel, and pair it with a good-quality cover. Though most ironing boards include decent covers, you may prefer to add an extra layer, depending on the weight of your iron, how much pressure you apply, and how much clothing you press.

Handle the Heat

A hot iron, or a blast of steam, can cause serious burns. That’s why having a safe place to set down your iron is so important.

Fortunately, the best ironing boards feature an iron rest – a heat-proof holder that attaches to the board’s platform – or an especially heat-resistant area on which to safely place a hot iron.

Which is best is a matter of preference. An external rest keeps the iron more out of the way, but an integrated surface rest positions the iron farther from the edge of the board and makes for easier storage.

Again, what matters most is that your iron is face down while plugged in or still hot.

Trusted Ironing Board Brands

As always, brand reputation counts. There are many manufacturers and ironing boards from which to choose, but not all are worthy of your attention and money. The last thing you want it to buy an ironing board that wobbles or rusts because of poor manufacturing and materials.

You needn’t spend a fortune – at its core, an ironing board is a utilitarian device that lives most of its life covered by a sheet of fabric – but it must be sturdy, well-made and able to withstand the rigours of regular use.

Think ironing is boring? – Try writing about this stuff.

Honestly, I enjoyed creating this guide. You should have no trouble buying the best ironing board to set yourself in the right direction – we’re confident that you’ll find a board to meet your budget and needs.

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